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Z4 Esports Acquires TNC Pro Team Jungler SDzyz


Z4 Esports announced the acquisition of Shemaiah “SDzyz” Chu as its new jungler. TNC Pro Team recently announced the release of two of its junglers SDzyz and . This decision was made following TNC Pro Team’s upsetting performance in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 10 where it only finished 8th place. Z4 Esports clarified that its main jungler Kingkong is still a part of the team as his contract is yet to end. However, fans speculate that the esports organization is in negotiations with MPL teams for the pro player’s buyout for the next season.

SDzyz joins Z4 Esports after leaving TNC Pro Team

SDzyz used to be TNC Pro Team’s main jungler. The pro player was pivotal in the team’s resurgence during the MPL PH Season 9, where the team finished third place in the tournament. However, it was not able to keep its momentum going in Season 10 and finished at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Following its lackluster performance, TNC Pro Team released its main and substitute junglers. While KingSalman’s new team is yet to be announced, SDzyz was revealed to have joined Z4 Esports, a team managed by Omega Esports’ iconic veteran player Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso.

“No more rumors, the killer is here!” captioned Z4 Esprorts’ Facebook post.

SDzyz is one of the veteran players who has  been competing in the league since the MPL PH Season 5. He was formerly known as Chuu and has played under various teams like  ULVL, BluFire, and Work Auster Force before joining TNC Pro Team. However, the pro player only stayed for two seasons before being released and he shall now play under Z4 Esports. 

At the time of writing, TNC Pro Team is missing a jungler in its squad. The team may be looking to revamp its roster in preparation for the upcoming MPL PH Season 11. It will be interesting to see who will take over the jungle role for TNC Pro Team’s roster.

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