5 Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends That Can Solo Carry in Ranked Games

Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (ML) are one of the most popular heroes to pick in ranked games, next to Assassins. Players who prefer being a frontline bruiser usually pick durable Fighters in the game, specially in lower ranks where there is less team coordination. Similar to Assassins, Fighters have solo-carry potential and can also act as a semi-tank when the team lacks durable heroes. Most of these heroes also have a few sustain abilities at their disposal, allowing players to take more risks than Assassin heroes can. To help players climb the ranked ladder, here are 5 Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends that are quite OP in ranked games.

5 OP Fighters heroes in ML for solo queue ranked games

5. Aldous

While Aldous seems weak in the early game, he is quite overpowered in the late game if you can farm and stack up his damage. This hero can also chase down opponents and prevent them from escaping or activating their recall spell. Aldous is also flexible as this hero can be used in Mid Lane, EXP Lane, or Jungle. 

4. Arlott

Arlott possesses various crowd-control abilities as well as enough mobility to be unpredictable in fights. He can also mark enemies and reveal them briefly when they hide in bushes, allowing you to provide vision for allies and potentially prevent ambushes. While not much of a durable hero, Arlott can easily execute enemies just like Assassins.

3. Dyrroth

When dealing with heroes who rely on stacking a ton of armor like Edith and Uranus, Dyrroth is the perfect counter pick. This hero can shred Physical Defense from enemies, allowing him and his allies to deal large amounts of Physical Damage.

2. Martis 

What makes Martis one of the most OP Fighter heroes in ML for solo queue is his multiple dashes and crowd control immunity effects. His ultimate also deals True Damage when an enemy’s HP is below 50%, allowing him to one-shot most of his targets.

1. Fredrinn

Despite the evolution of the meta in Mobile Legends, . Despite being classified as a Fighter, his durability can be compared to that of a Tank hero. On top of his durability, he also has a taunt ability and can deal large amounts of damage based on how much damage he has taken. If you wish to solo carry ranked games in ML, then you can never go wrong with Fredrinn.