Best Minecraft Houses Ideas 2023

Best 15 Minecraft Houses Ideas

Minecraft is known for its construction feature. Players find it amazing to build something entirely based on their imagination. Games let them explore their creativity. It’s fun to build your own house from scratch. But now the scenario is changing.

Now, Minecraft houses are not only limited to creativity. You can experiment. We can use several already designed houses when you have no other option. We are going to talk about Minecraft Houses. Below is the list of 15 houses that can be used when you are out of ideas. Go through the list!

Let’s find out which ones are the Best 15 Minecraft Houses Ideas :

1. Modern House


Modern House is one of the basic houses to build in Minecraft. House doesn’t require a lot of raw material. Players can build the house using less material and is easy to build. You only need quartz blocks and wooden blocks. The modern house is the solution for the modern, simple house with an elegant look. You should try the modern house for once.

2. Aquarium House


Aquarium House is for you if love to explore aesthetic houses. House will have an aquarium with plants, fishes, and aquatic aesthetics. Aquarium House is perfectly designed with a front door, two floored aquariums, and a garden. You will see the black and gray color theme in the entire house. House is perfect if you have all the resources.

3. Tree House


Tree House is a favorite choice of players. Treehouses have a wide range of tree houses. For example, you can build a Modern Tree House or a simple jungle house for survival. Tree House has a lot of variety that we are going to discuss further. Tree House is unique and adorable. You should try.

4. Two-floored Wooden House

maxresdefault 7

Two-Floored Wooden House is a unique, simple, and adorable design. Wooden Houses already look elegant and the design is just the uniqueness of the house. The wooden structure is quite easy raw material. So, anyone can build a beautiful Two Floored Wooden House.

5. Underground House

maxresdefault 8

An underground House shows symmetry in structure, thus, it’s easier to plan and construct the house. If you are not a fan of high buildings, then the underground house can be your go-to option. Underground houses have four sections divided symmetrically into rooms/sections. These houses are pretty amazing. You must try it once.

6. Underwater Modern House

Underground houses are good, but imagine how cool an underwater house is going to be. People wish to keep the aquarium in their houses and will live with real underwater characters. No house is ever going to compete with the underwater modern house.

7. Small Modern House

maxresdefault 10

A small Modern House is a simple choice when you are looking for a minimalist house. Modern houses have modern-day designs with all amenities, such as bedrooms, a kitchen, and a fishing pond, including other rooms. Small Modern House is your go-to option for a modern, elegant, and constructive house that doesn’t require a lot of material.

8. Waterfall Modern House

maxresdefault 9

Waterfall Modern House is a unique design with a waterfall in it. The out walls have a waterfall on the outer walls. House is a perfect choice with a modern, elegant, unique, and stylish house. A waterfall house is one of the best choices for a stylish look.

9. Japanese House


Japanese houses have unique architecture with a combination of modern and ancient art. Their houses are durable and easy to build. Japanese architecture is not only stunning. They make doors and windows where the sun aligns with them. There are many benefits of the Japanese House.

10. Epic Modern House


Epic Modern House is the only one with a violet theme and lighting. These houses comprise two floors and both are floors designed to match the aesthetic of the house. House comes with a lawn and rooms with matching contrast. If something unique and adorable interests you, then Epic Modern House is the right choice for you.

11. Snowy Tundra Cabin

maxresdefault 6

Till now we discussed all the houses except the house to construct in the snow area. Snowy Tundra Cabin is one of that houses. House has a typical Stone Brick pyramid-shaped exterior and the overall look of the house has a unique aura around it.

12. Secret Tree Base

Secret Tree Base is a tactic used by the players to build a hidden spot to remain safe. This house looks is a perfect choice for hiding as well as it’s easy to build. You can look for guides on how to build the Secret Tree Base. We mostly used a secret house base for emergencies. You can try to build the house.

13. Survival Starter House

Survival Starter House is for beginners. Newbie player finds it hard to build a house, so, if you are one of them then it’s your go-to choice. Simply search for the guide to building the survival house. You need minimum resources and minimum skills to build the house.

14. Simple 5*5 House

Simple 5*5 House requires the least skills and the least requirement. House looks amazing. It’s unique and can be built using the basic raw material. Simple houses are easy to build and they are amazing. You should try to build a house if you are a beginner.

15. Glass and Stone House

Glass and Stone House is a unique house with simple architecture. This house only has one room, and it’s much easier to build. For beginners, it’s the best choice to stand out from the others without having skills.

We discussed all the basic, classical, and even modern house. Minecraft house has a wide variety. You can choose to build any of these with a simple plan that can be executed. Remember, the first plan, collect the raw material, and then you can go for the construction process.