5 Heroes That Counter Healing Meta in Mobile Legends

The Healing Meta in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has taken the game by storm. With the recent update, utility supports like Mathilda, Angela, Floryn, and even Rafaela have become viable in almost all matchups. The premise of the Healing Meta is to overwhelm enemies with a ton of healing and shields to prolong team fights to exhaust as much of their resources as possible to gain the advantage. While a lot of veteran players know how to deal with this strategy, newer or casual players may not be familiar with how to counter such tactics. Here is a list of heroes that can counter the Healing Meta in MLBB.

5 Heroes That Effectively Counter Healing Meta in Mobile Legends 

1. Baxia

A very solid counter to a lot of healing and shield supports in the game is Baxia. This hero can be played in a lot of roles like EXP, Roamer, and the most common, Jungle. His passive effectively reduces the effectiveness of Shields and HP Regeneration effects on enemies while also amplifying his durability.

2. Natalia

Enemy healers can’t heal if their allies are already dead. Natalia can easily take down back-line heroes with her stealth tactics and burst damage. However, this requires players to know when to engage and position themselves properly to prevent being spotted by enemies.

3. Franco

Players who are skilled at skill shots can use Franco to counter the Healing Meta in Mobile Legends. One successful hook on the right target can easily shift the tide in your favor. When dealing with annoying healing supports like Angela or Estes, simply use your ultimate on them to lock them down and prevent them from assisting their carry,

4. Chou

Similar to Franco, Chou can also lick down crucial targets and prevent them from moving long enough for your allies to do a follow-up attack. Most of the time, you may want to cast your Ultimate ability on healers or hard carries to prevent them from having a massive impact in team fights.

5. Saber

Similar to Natalia, Saber’s playstyle revolves around bursting one hero before disappearing in a bush. When a team fight starts, always target the heroes that don’t have much defense like healers and marksmen. Most of the time, you will most likely need to target healers in a team fight to prevent them from assisting their allies. 

Honorable Mention: Anti-Heal Items

If you are dealing with annoying healers in Mobile Legends, always consider building anti-healing items with a Lifebane passive in the game.

For Tanks, purchase a Dominance Ice as your first or second item. For Physical Damage dealers, build a Sea Helberd. For mages and utility supports, consider buying a Necklace of Durance.

However, keep in mind that these items don’t stack on each other. Only purchase one of such items.