Games Kharido Free Fire Top Up [Full Guide] 2023

Games Kharido Free Fire Top Up

Games Kharido Free Fire Top Up, Games Kharido.con, Game Kharido free fire games kharido free fire: Free Fire is a battle royale game like pubg that has gained massive popularity in the last couple of years.

Players can purchase multiple items in Free Fire, such as outfits, skins, and the Elite Pass, using diamonds (in-game currency).

Free Fire diamonds can be bought with real money. Players can purchase them from the in-game store or from various third-party top-up websites like the Games Kharido app.

How to purchase Free Fire diamonds from Games Kharido Full Guide

Players can follow the steps given below to purchase Free Fire diamonds from Games Kharido:

  • Players should first visit the official Games Kharido website. click here.
Games Kharido.con
  • Players must have to click on the Free Fire button available on the website.
  • They should then log in using one of the two available options (Facebook account or Player ID).
image 1
  • If players can choose to log in using the Player ID, they can paste their UID in the text box and click on the “Login” button.
image 2
  • Players must select the preferred payment method from the options given below:
  1. PayTM
  2. UPI
  3. Net Banking

They can then select the amount they want to purchase.

image 3
  •  After selecting the required number of diamonds, players can tap on “Proceed to Payment” to complete the purchase.

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