5 Reasons Why Baxia Is a Good Counter-Pick Against Healing Meta

Baxia in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the commonly picked heroes in tournaments since the resurgence of the Healing Meta. On top of being a durable tank, the hero can also reduce the effectiveness of both shield and health regeneration on enemies. However, Baxia in Mobile Legends is not exactly a very popular pick in casual and ranked games. This is due to a lot of players favoring Assassin heroes in the jungle lane. For players who are looking to find ways to counter the Healing Meta, here are 5 reasons why Baxia is a good counter-pick for such strategies. 

5 Reasons you should master Baxia to counter Healing Meta in ML

1. Can still be durable despite underperforming

While a lot of tanks lose their durability once they are behind in resources, Baxia is an exception. His passive “Baxia Mark” provides him with a bonus 25 reduction to Final Damage. On top of that, the effect increases by up to 240% if his Ultimate is activated. This allows him to still tank a large amount of damage from enemies even from the strongest of enemies.

2. Fast rotations

One of the reasons why Baxia is a good pick in the jungle is his ability to move around very fast using his Baxia-Shield Unity skill. This allows him to roll around the map and gain momentum to move faster, resulting in a very efficient map rotation.

3. Not a common pick in ranked games

According to the , Baxia has a 0.39% pick rate and a 0.67% ban rate. This makes him a good hero to master as he is less likely to be picked or banned in matches, unlike other jungle heroes in the meta.

4. Easy and unpredictable ganks

Players who are familiar with the jungle paths can take advantage of Baxia’s very fast rotations to gank unsuspecting enemies. Equipping the Wilderness Blessing will further enhance his movement speed to prevent enemies from predicting where you are on the map.

5. Free Shield and HP Regen reduction effect

The main reason why Baxia is a good counter-pick against the Healing Meta is his Passive ability “Baxia Mark.” On top of the bonus damage reduction, the passive also reduced the Shield and HP regeneration of enemies that are hit with his abilities by 50%. This means, he basically has a free Dominance Ice effect with him.