Best Guns in BGMI (October 2023)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has various weapons such as Assault Rifles (ARs), SubMachine Guns (SMGs), Light Machine Guns (LMGs), Shotguns, Sniper Rifles and Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). The game keeps introducing new weapons in each update and also makes changes to existing weapons to maintain balance in the game.

Which are the best weapons in BGMI?

Each category of weapons in BGMI has its pros and cons. Weapons in BGMI go through several changes in every update in order to maintain balance and fair play. In this article we will talk about which are the best guns that can be used in BGMI in 2023.

Thompson (Tommy Gun): The use of SMGs in BGMI has increased in recent times. The Thompson is one such SMG which has attracted many players because of its high fire rate and magazine size. The weapon also deals a good amount of damage in close range fights which makes it a dangerous weapon to fight against. Its only downside is that it has a high reload time which makes it a difficult weapon to choose for some players.

These are some of the stats of Thompson:

DBS: The DBS Shotgun is one of the most dangerous close range weapons. The double barrel pump action shotgun holds 14 shells of 12 Gauge ammo and is enough to clutch out of any situation. The DBS has its pros and cons but is preferred by many because of its higher damage output. It used to be an Air Drop weapon but can now be found with the regular loot. Its only downside is that it only fires two bullets at one time and can give enemies time to attack you. 

These are some of the stats of DBS:

Lynx AMR: The newly introduced Lynx AMR Sniper in BGMI is one of the best long range sniper rifles. The weapon has risen in ranks above other sniper rifles because of its higher damage and bullet velocity. The AMR is a drop only weapon and although it is titled as a sniper rifle, it shoots back to back bullets without having to reload. The AMR can break through any armored vehicle and even level 3 helmet and vest.  

These are some of the stats of the Lynx AMR:

Groza: The Groza is a drop only weapon in BGMI. It being a 7.62mm ammunition weapon is one of the most dangerous in close and mid range battles. Its high fire rate has contributed to its popularity among beginners. The gun works well when a suppressor attachment is used. 

These are some of the stats of the Groza:

SLR: The Self Loading Rifle (SLR) is a DMR weapon in BGMI. It is one of the most powerful DMR weapons as it uses 7.62mm bullets. The weapon works best with 4x and 8x scope attachments which helps to secure long range finishes. It is a great alternative to the MK-14 Air Drop weapon. SLR is a one shot weapon and having precision with it is important.

These are some of the stats of the SLR: Base damage: 58 HP per hit

  • Fire Rate: 0.1/s

  • Reload Time: 3.683s

  • Firing mode: Single

  • Recoil: Vertical

Players will need to practice with the above mentioned weapons in order to master them and secure multiple finishes. SMGs and ARs use various grips and attachments, players should experiment with different attachments and use the ones they are comfortable with.