5 Roamer Heroes With the Highest Win Rate in M5 World Championship

The Roamer role has evolved a lot in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) since the introduction of the . A lot of heroes who were once unnoticed in the professional scene have also become meta picks. The most popular roamer heroes with the highest win rate at the M5 World Championship have a few in common. These heroes recently received a slight revamp in their skills, making them more useful for the team. The new support items also played a huge role in helping some of these heroes rise to the meta.

Here is a list of the top 5 Roamer heroes with the highest win rate in M5 World Championship. The list is based on .

Top 5 Highest Win Rate Roamer heroes in M5 World Championship

Faramis – 50.75% Win Rate (67 times picked)

Faramis has always been at the forefront of meta supports in Mobile Legends. This is due to his Ultimate: Cult Altar which provides players with an extra HP (Health Points) bar, increasing their survivability in team fights. 

His Passive: Vicious Retrieval also provides Faramis with decent early-game damage and sustain. Collecting soul fragments alone can help him deal a ton of damage and decrease his respawn time based on how many souls he has collected.

Guinevere – 52.75% Win Rate (51 times picked)

One of the surprising meta picks in recent tournaments is Roamer or Jungle Guinevere. While this hero was also used by Blacklist International’s Danerie “Wise” Rosario pre-Emblem Revamp, the hero has seen a resurgence in the meta with just a slight adjustment to her ability.

With the recent update, her Skill2: Spatial Migration ability now stuns enemies caught in the first cast before being knocked up, locking enemies for a guaranteed combo unless they can cast Purify in time. This adds a ton of possible engage combos for the team, making her a crucial asset during team fights.

Mathilda – 55.10% Win Rate (40 times picked)

One of the highly contested and banned heroes during the M5 World Championship was Mathilda. This hero, paired with the Flask of the Oasis item offers a ton of utility to the team. Her Ultimate: Circling Eagle allows her to engage or disengage, which can also be paired with her Skill 2: Guiding Wind to provide a shield and a potential escape or follow-up path for allies.

Angela – 40% Win Rate (35 times picked)

Since the arrival of the Flask of the Oasis item, Angela has become one of the strongest support healers in the meta. Her ability to jump into any ally with her Ultimate: Heartguard and provide healing and shield to them is very useful in a lot of team compositions.

She works wonders in team compositions that focus on keeping the carry alive for as long as possible to deal damage while the rest of the members soak up damage.

Minotaur – 52.94% Win Rate (34 times picked)

There are a lot of factors that made Minotaur one of the roamer heroes with the highest win rate in the M5 World Championship. The Crowd Control (CC) from his Skill 1: Despair Stomp and Ultimate: Minoan Fury can easily pin down enemies. 

His Passive: Rage Incarnate can also reduce the Hybrid Defense of enemies hit by his abilities while increasing the Hybrid Defense of the allies he heals.