MLBB Kohai SEA Championship Season 2: Schedule, Teams, Format, Where to Watch

The main event of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Kohai Southeast Asia (SEA) Championship Season 2 shall kick off soon. The tournament will feature 32 teams competing for the large sum of the $12,000 USD prize pool. The competing teams are comprised of invited and Wild Card-qualified teams from Southeast Asia (SEA). The Kohai SEA Championship Season 2 will start on 20th December leading to the grand finale on 31st December. 

Here are the full details of the MLBB Kohai SEA Championship Season 2, including schedule, teams, format, and where to watch.

A Guide to the Kohai SEA Championship Season 2

The Kohai SEA Championship Season 2 is a Mobile Legends tournament organized by Kohai, a game credits provider and esports platform in SEA.

Four teams from the tournament’s Wild Card stage will join the other 28 teams for the championship title. All matches shall be done in a single elimination format.

List of teams

Here are the teams competing in the Kohai SEA Championship Season 2;


  • HomeBois

  • Todak

  • RSG Malaysia

  • Red Giants Esports

  • Eldians Esports

  • MV Originz

  • GamesMY Kespoc

  • TRVN Esports

  • Team SR

  • Men of Geniuses

  • Existence X

  • Miracle Gaming



  • Alter Ego

  • Bigetron Beta

  • Dewa United Rhodes

  • Team Flash

  • Pertalegends RB

  • MLFS Esports

  • Aoshi Esports

  • Vinder Wolves

  • Vesakha Esports

  • Behave Xiera

  • Harpy Aillo

  • MBR Zeta


  • Nightmare Esports

  • Thailand


  • Vietnam

  • Zenith Esports



More details about upcoming match schedules shall be revealed at a later date. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more information in the future.

Where to watch the Kohai SEA Championship Season 2

The tournament will be streamed live at the following platforms;