AP.Bren Coach Ducky Shares Unique Approach to Instilling Confidence in the Team

In a spectacular kick-off to the , fans were treated to an intense clash of titans as the former M2 rivals, Burmese Ghouls and AP.Bren (formerly Bren Esports), faced off in a fate rematch. The anticipated series ended with a resounding 2-0 victory for the Killer Bees, solidifying their dominance over the Burmese powerhouse squad.

In a post-match press conference, AP.Bren’s head coach, Francis “Ducky” Glindro, provided insights into the team’s strategies and mindset that contributed to their impressive performance, particularly emphasizing the crucial role of confidence in their success.

Coach Ducky shares unique approach to instill confidence in the team for M5 World Championship

Shortly after the conclusion of AP.Bren’s debut match, Coach Ducky revealed that there is more to the team’s preparation than simply polishing its macro plays. He highlighted the team’s ability to maintain composure and deliver top-notch performances consistently, shedding light on the fact that success in tournaments, such as the M5 World Championship, goes beyond mastering macro plays. According to him, confidence is a key factor that cannot be cultivated through training alone.

“It’s not just about the macro play that brings us to this stage; it’s more about the confidence [that we need] for the matches. Macro play is something inherent, something you can learn through training, but confidence is something that you cannot teach,” explained Coach Ducky during the press conference.

The coach shared his unique approach to instilling confidence in his team, emphasizing a mindset of continuous improvement. Rather than adhering to the conventional wisdom of “Practice until you get it right,” Coach Ducky encourages his team to “practice till you do not get it wrong.”

This approach recognizes that mastery involves going beyond a basic understanding or competence in a particular skill. It involves continuous refinement and improvement until the desired outcome is consistently and reliably achieved.

While acknowledging that maintaining unwavering confidence might be challenging at times, Coach Ducky stressed its importance as a crucial aspect of their tournament preparation. He recognized that it’s not always achievable, but it remains a guiding principle for the team, shaping their approach to each competitive encounter.

AP.Bren will have ample time to prepare for its next match as they are set to face Team Flash on 5th December at 8:00 PM (PHT).