Apex Legends Glitch Resets Player Accounts, Removes Earned Content

Apex Legends Glitch Resets Player Accounts, Removes Earned Content

In a new post on Twitter, Respawn has addressed a new Apex Legends glitch that is completely resetting accounts, removing progress, and removing earned content.

Reports about the devastating bug are flooding in on the Apex Legends subreddit. Players say the glitch is affecting their statistics, paid and earned cosmetics, ranked progress, and other crucial account data.

Even the in-game store malfunctioned for some players. Respawn says that the Apex Legends team is now investigating the issue and will let players know more “as soon as we have an update on the issue”.

It’s still unclear what the root of the glitch is. However, the game-breaking bug occurred following the April Fool’s update and new split of the season.

It might also be related to cross-progression. Earlier, the official Apex Legends account did reply to a player’s post that mentioned both cross-progression and losing their progress.

For the time being, players are hesitant to even log into the game. Many fans have taken to social media to criticize the state of the game.

Players still feel frustrated after Apex Legends pros were hacked in the middle of an official tournament. The event was eventually postponed, and the hacker behind the incident later said they did it ‘just for fun’.

Just last month, the Apex Legends team at Respawn also faced layoffs.

Players were quick to mention both of these recent events today, as Respawn investigates one of the most damaging Apex Legends glitches yet. Respawn did respond promptly, but players appear to be losing patience overall.

Today’s glitch is a rough disappointment for longtime fans. Especially since Apex Legends recently tried to renew interest with an extensive overhaul for its Breakout update.

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