Are You Dating in Real Life?” Asks a Fan; Pratibha And Sparsh From Laapata Ladies Give An Instant Reply


Kiran Rao’s film Laapataa Ladies, released on Netflix after its theatrical run, received acclaim from audiences. The movie stars Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Shrivastava, Nitanshi Goel, Chhaya Kadam, and Ravi Kishan. The film’s success led fans to speculate about the relationships among the lead cast members.

Pratibha Ranta and Sparsh Shrivastava Address Dating Rumors

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Pratibha and Sparsh’s frequent public appearances, whether making reels or attending promotions, sparked rumors of a romantic relationship. During an AMA session on Netflix’s Instagram, an anonymous user asked if they were dating. Pratibha straightforwardly responded, “Are we? Of course not.” Sparsh playfully added, ‘Yaar, ek ladka aur ladki sirf dost bhi ho sakte hai.’ (Yaar, a boy and a girl can just be friends) while handing Pratibha a small yellow flower. The two attempted to make a heart with their hands but failed humorously.

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Discussing Their On-Screen Characters

Another user asked if their characters ‘Jaya’ and ‘Deepak’ from Laapataa Ladies would end up together in an alternate universe. Pratibha suggested that their characters could be best friends, while Sparsh mentioned that Kiran Rao should be asked to weave such a storyline.

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Pratibha Ranta’s Equation with Taha Shah Badussha

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Pratibha Ranta also stars in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. Recently, she was seen exiting a diner with co-star Taha Shah Badussha, sparking further speculation. Paparazzi videos showed them leaving a restaurant together, leading netizens to wonder about their relationship. On this outing, Taha wore a white T-shirt with a baseball cap and black jeans, while Pratibha donned a pink top with straight-fit denim.

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