Baloyskie Reflects on Geek Fam’s Dark Horse Run in M5 World Championship

In a dramatic turn of events at the M5 World Championship, Geek Fam’s journey came to a close as Blacklist International emerged victorious in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals, securing a commanding 3-1 scoreline. The Indonesian dark horse initially showcased promise, securing a commendable start in the Best-of-5 series. However, Blacklist International orchestrated a remarkable turnaround, executing a reverse sweep with three consecutive wins to propel itself into the next phase of the competition.

Through a post-match press conference, Baloyskie shared how the team’s M5 World Championship run was only the start of its resurgence. The team aims to make a comeback in next year’s world stage for another shot at the championship title.

Baloyskie considers M5 run as a learning experience for Geek Fam

In the aftermath of its unexpected ascent in the M5 World Championship, Geek Fam gracefully concluded its journey with a commendable 5th-6th place finish. The final chapter of its Cinderella run unfolded in a decisive lower bracket encounter against Blacklist International, marking the end of its pursuit of glory.

Reflecting on this pivotal match on the grand stage, Allen “Baloyskie” Baloy, the team’s star roamer, approached the loss with a perspective rooted in learning and growth.

Acknowledging the shortcomings that led to its defeat, Baloyskie candidly shared, “We lost because of our lack of discipline and synchronization of skills, so maybe next time we’ll need to improve it.”

Baloyskie also delved into the impact of , shedding light on how the absence of Geek Fam’s jungler affected the team. Nnael faced penalties for unsportsmanlike behavior during a Group Stage match against Deus Vult, forcing Geek Fam’s Gold Laner Mark “Markyyyyy” Capacio to fill in for the position until the suspension was lifted.

“[Nnael’s suspension] was a disadvantage for us because the suspension gave us a setback in practice. We were able to adjust actually, as you see in our games, but we just come up short,” explained Baloyskie.

Baloyskie also shared the positive things that the team learned from the M5 World Championship. According to him,

“The positive, is probably that we got the experience because, you see, there are new guys, only me and Markyyyyy have experience in the world stage. It’s good that they experience it for the first time,” Baloyskie shared.

Both Baloyskie and Markyyyyy were former members of ONIC Philippines who finished second place in the M3 World Championship.

As for what’s next for Geek Fam after its surprising Cinderella run in the M5 World Championship, Baloyskie answered “this is just the beginning,” hinting that the team will not settle for less and will be looking to make a comeback in next year’s world stage.