Behind the Lens: 12 Cinematic Wonders Captured Entirely on an iPhone

In the realm of filmmaking, technology has levelled the playing field, enabling anyone with a compelling story to make a movie. A prime example of this democratization is the rise of movies filmed entirely on iPhones. This phenomenon has not only revolutionized the film industry but also validated the iPhone as a tool capable of creating cinematic magic. Here’s a journey through twelve incredible films that were shot entirely using an iPhone.

  1. “Unsane” (2018): Directed by Steven Soderbergh, this psychological horror-thriller film starring Claire Foy was captured entirely on an iPhone 7 Plus. The result? A deeply unsettling narrative with a sense of claustrophobic realism, thanks to the iPhone’s unique camera capabilities.
  2. “Tangerine” (2015): Lauded at the Sundance Film Festival, Sean Baker’s breakout indie feature was filmed with three iPhone 5s smartphones. Its cinematic quality defied the odds, proving that storytelling and performance often trump high-end equipment.
  3. “9 Rides” (2016): Filmmaker Matthew Cherry used an iPhone 6s to shoot this indie drama about an Uber driver’s life-changing night. Shot in stunning 4K, the film highlighted the iPhone’s ability to capture rich detail.
  4. “Snow Steam Iron” (2017): This short film by Zack Snyder, renowned for big-budget blockbusters, was a testament to the iPhone 7 Plus’s potential. The film’s impressive visual quality showcased the device’s advanced filmmaking capabilities.
  5. “And Uneasy Lies the Mind” (2014): Ricky Fosheim’s psychological thriller was one of the earliest films shot on an iPhone, specifically the iPhone 5. Its success showcased the potential of smartphone cinematography.
  6. “Night Fishing” (2011): This South Korean fantasy-horror short film, directed by Park Chan-wook, was shot on an iPhone 4. Its win at the Berlin International Film Festival underscored the fact that quality filmmaking is not limited by budget or equipment.
  7. “I Play with the Phrase Each Other” (2014): Jay Alvarez’s debut feature was the first entirely phone-call-based film, shot using an iPhone. Its innovative approach to narrative cinema turned heads at the Slamdance Film Festival.
  8. “Detour” (2017): Michel Gondry’s whimsical short film, shot on an iPhone 7, used perspective shifts and color to weave a delightful narrative, demonstrating the device’s versatility.
  9. “High Flying Bird” (2019): Steven Soderbergh returned to iPhone filmmaking with this sports drama. Shot on an iPhone 8, the film demonstrated how mobile devices could achieve a sleek, professional look.
  10. “Blue Moon” (2018): This New Zealand film, shot on an iPhone 7 Plus, wowed audiences with its tense narrative and cinematic aesthetics.
  11. “Romance in NYC” (2015): Tristan Pope’s short film, captured on an iPhone 6, offered an intimate look into a day in the life of a couple in love, portraying a unique blend of realism and romance.
  12. “Olive” (2011): As the first feature-length film shot on a smartphone (iPhone 4), “Olive” set the precedent for future iPhone filmmakers. Its nomination for an Oscar-validated iPhone filming on a grand scale.

In conclusion, the iPhone has democratized filmmaking, breaking down the barriers of cost and accessibility. As these twelve films demonstrate, all you need is a compelling story and an iPhone to make movie magic come to life.

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