5 Free Best Online Solitaire Sites 2023

best free solitaire

Solitaire is a popular card game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Solitaire games are available for free online, and many of them are very easy to play. Some of the best solitaire games available online include Klondike, Spider, and FreeCell.

Are you looking for a fun, relaxing Solitaire game? Here are three great free solitaire games to try: Klondike, Spider, and Castle. All three games have different rules and strategies that make them challenging but also fun. If you’re looking for something more in-depth, paid Solitaire games offer hours of entertainment with different levels of difficulty.

Free Online Solitaire Sites

247 Solitaire

The 247 Solitaire gameplay experience is most suitable for mobile players but it can be played in your browser for a desktop. It’s not as extensive as the number of variants Solitaire does however, it does have some of the top games, which comprise Freecell and Klondike in addition to its 247 Freecell nickname.

It’s a green deck and the cards are white. This Solitaire game doesn’t aim to be more than a basic, fast Solitaire game So doesn’t expect to be customized. The gameplay is exactly what you’d expect from a Solitaire game however, the interface is designed for mobile devices.

Although customization options aren’t available, however, it allows you to reverse your previous move and use sound effects and reset your game or even view your previous gaming data, including your overall loss and win rate.

World of Solitaire

It’s true that this World of Solitaire gameplay interface looks a bit dated But you shouldn’t let it put you off. This impressive Solitaire experience comes with the kind of flexibility that you won’t find in other online Solitaire games.

Over 125 Solitaire variants are available for play on this site, along with an alphabetical list of games that cover the standard Solitaire as well as Spider Solitaire, as well as some more unique variants like Citadel and Yukon.

The site allows you to sign up for a record of your Solitaire gaming data and performance, and modify the theme of the deck as well as the background. You can also switch to several languages, and switch off or enable various animations as well as UI modifications.


Variety is the flavor of life, so when you’re searching for something different from the standard Solitaire game for your cards it’s worth a explore Solitaired. Solitaired has more than 546 variations of this classic game, with FreeCell Spider and more (as in the classic version).

The Solitaired interface looks identical across all variations of the game that have counters and timers located at the top, and the card deck below. It is easy to switch between three- and one-card flips or even pause the timer if you need to take a short break.

If you’re required to get up and leave, you can sign up to save your games to come back in the future. Your account will enable you to return to your game whenever you want and will also give you a summary of your performance in previous games to assess how your skills at Solitaire have been improved (or perhaps not).

Google Solitaire

Where players go, developers will follow. To be able to compete with the multitude of Solitaire similar games available online, Google has introduced its own Solitaire game which is accessible to any Google user on the search engine for no cost.

It is possible to play Google Solitaire right now by entering Solitaire in Google Search. Over the many online Solitaire games, Google’s official Solitaire game will be displayed. Click play to play immediately.

The game is available in either a hard or easy mode dependent on your preference for an easy game or a more challenging one. It has sound effects, keeps track of the game’s scores and moves, and has a game timer.

There’s nothing to customize in other ways, but that’s completely missing the purpose. Google Solitaire aims to satisfy your craving for card games quickly and, for the majority of players, it will become the only Solitaire online game users can play.


If you’re in search of a simple and no-cost online Solitaire game Solitr should be among the first games that you attempt. This site has been entertaining for those who enjoy casual Solitaire games for many years and offers Solitr’s original as well as Spider Solitaire variants available to play on your computer.

The game can be customized to spin up to three or more cards at a time, in addition, to keeping track of your score to evaluate your performance. It isn’t as customizable however, it could be a good fit for your preferred style of play.

The interface is clear and simple to use and if you’re struggling, you are able to switch to playing the website’s Sudoku as well as Mahjong alternatives.


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