10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Free & Paid 2023

Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft Server Hosting- Are you looking for the best hosting services? Which Minecraft services suit you the best? Don’t worry, we will guide you. Here we are going to share the list of 10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting.

Below is the list of10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting: Go through the list and find the best one for you. Hosting services play an important role in gaming. So be clear about what you want and which services id suitable for you. Without wasting time, let’s get into it:

Minecraft Server Hosting
Minecraft Server Hosting

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Here are the Best Minecraft Server Hosting Free & Paid

1. Apex Hosting

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Minecraft Server Hosting

Apex Hosting has gained its reputation in hosting services. It’s one of the top Minecraft Hosting Services providers. Apex comes under the most trusted and fast servers. Apex provides various customization options and constant chat support if you need any kind of support. The basic plan includes 2-10 Gb RAM.

You will get the free subdomain options. There are a number of features that are worth investing your money in. But there are options with the same features at fewer prices. You will easily find cheaper options. Either you can look for simpler options or you can go with this one.

2. Shockbyte

Minecraft Server Hosting

ShockByte is one of the most popular Minecraft Hosting servers. It’s an affordable, reliable, and fast server. One benefit of using Shockbyte is that will full customer support, instant activation, and various plugins. You will have a free subdomain. Also, the company provides DDoS protection.

ShockByte is one of the reputed servers. If you are looking for a trusted source, then it’s for you. As the company is always there for you. Customer services are excellent. Your issues are going to be solved within a short time. You should try The ShockByte.

3. Hostinger

Minecraft Server Hosting

Hostinger is one of the top-priority Minecraft hosting providers. They provide separate plans for Minecraft. You will get all the resources and setting requirements in one plan. They even have separate plans for the Hostinger. 2 GB plans include the setup, technical support, and 2 Gb memory.

Minecraft has some positive points as well as negative ones. One of the benefits of having to host is that you will get better backup options, multiple cart setup options, and a global service network. You will get a world-class hosting server with multiple additional options.

4. Sparked Host

Sparked Host is another popular Minecraft hosting services provider. According to the gaming community, it’s one of the easiest yet most powerful options out there. Sparked Hosting has several benefits, like its being affordable and easy to use. You will get various Minecraft supporting options.

Although, there is no specific option to select the hosting services but Sparked services are industry-leading. Thousand of players are choosing sparked services. You can start with these if you are into the easy-to-operate hosting options.

5. HostHavoc

HostHavoc has various reasons you should choose and one of them is the most trusted hosting service. It’s reliable and affordable. The basic plan of the HostHavoc starts with 1 GB of memory and the highest plan of a maximum of 10 GB of memory. Charges for the services are affordable according to the features of the services.

HostHavoc provides 24/7 support, FTP access, and the SSD to run the game servers. You will also get customization options. It is one of the trusted services. You should try, but sometimes the company delays a refund. There are minor issues.

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Minecraft Server Hosting

6. ScalaCube

ScalaCube is popular for its flexibility to launch games. Hosting services have various customization options like you can decide the entire game setup. If you are someone who loves to control the gaming environment, then it’s for you. Hosting services comes with several plugins and Modpacks. ScalaCube has a lot of features that will help you with customization. You should try the ScalaCube if want to explore more options.

7. GG Servers

GG Servers was launched in 2013, and from 2013 till now the company proved its reliability by providing excellent services. Hasting services are fast and reliable and also provide a wide range of plugin options. You will get the high-performance SSD drive and the mod packs with one installation. Another benefit of GG Severs is that you will not face lagging or server down issues.

Unlike other servers, here you will not face any kind of delay from the company’s end to solve your minor issues. You can try the GG server if you are looking for reliable paid options.

8. GameTeam

GameTeam is another affordable option to host the game. The price of the hosting is relatively lower than other ones. The hosting is reliable, workable, and fast as well. If you don’t want to invest much in hosting services, then this can be your go-to option.

For features, GameTeam provides 12 service locations. Hosting services are quick, fast gaming and you can also access the plugin with FTP clients. These hosting are reliable, but sometimes the customer services do not respond easily. GameTeam is new in the hosting market.  

9. Aternos

Are you looking for free hosting? Yes, there are few hosting. Aternos is a free Minecraft hosting. You don’t need an expensive subscription to play Minecraft. If you are a player and don’t want to invest money in hosting, then this can be your go-to hosting.

Aternos provides all the customization options like there are adjusting options. Along with that, all the plugins are also free. It’s like a goldmine. Grab it. In contrast. The plugin is limited, Even the RAM has its limitations. Hosting is free with a limit on free things.

10. Server.pro

Server. pro is another free Minecraft hosting. You can use hosting for free. As of the above one, there are limitations too. We will discuss that in the next section. Although, the company provides both paid and free versions. Choosing the hosting plans depends on you. If you are looking for the free one, then go for this one.

Server. pro provides fast services, offers daily backup options and you will also have the freedom to choose the hostname for your server. There are a lot of benefits, but the problem of crashing down is common here. So, be aware of that even if you are buying the paid version.

Here is the list of 10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting, you can go through any of them. Choose your hosting services wisely.