Best Decks and Strategies for the Trick or Treat Event in Clash Royale

As we progress through the spooky season, Supercell has once again brought back the popular Trick or Treat event which began yesterday (16th October), and will continue until 23rd October. Over this duration, you are going to witness special pumpkins spawning while you are in the middle of a match. These can be a bit of a double-edged sword, as they can spawn troops at random which will either have a positive or negative impact on your game. Let’s take a look at what all the fuss is about and create decks that will help you get through this event.

How does the Trick or Treat Event work in Clash Royale?

As mentioned earlier, this annual event triggers the spawn of pumpkins as you are playing through your game. At random, you will find them spawn in the middle of the area, a bit further from your main tower, and placing troops in its surrounding area will deploy other allies that will magically appear out of the pumpkin. One important thing to note is that they can provide you with a significant advantage by spawning high-elixir troops like a Pekka or even low-level troops that will simply die out without doing any damage.

This unpredictable nature of this event is what entices several players to jump into the game and experience it. Moreover, you will receive potential rewards such as Halloween-themed emotes, tower skins, and other legendary cards. That being said, let’s take a look at the best decks you can use to effectively come out on top.

Best Decks for the Trick or Treat Event in Clash Royale

Deck 1: Miner’s Menace

This deck will cost you an average of 4.1 Elixir and it will serve as more of a defensive deck, mainly made to counter enemy Pekkas, Inferno Dragons and more troops aimed on single target damage. The Hound will act as the main tank and the Miners will be the main attacker, chipping off damage from enemy towers. You can also swap Skeleton Dragons or the Flying Machine with Minions or any other equivalent to reduce Elixir costs.

Deck 2: Royal Rage

This deck is more balanced between attack and defense with the Barbarian Barrel attempting to chip off damage from enemy towers. This will also cost you around 4.1 Elixir on average. It is crucial to execute the correct placement of the Goblin Cage as they serve as the backbone of this deck.