BEST DISCORD PFPs you can use in 2022


BEST DISCORD PFPs Looking for the Best Discord PFP to use in 2022? Want to know which PFP works best? Do you want to know how to find the best FP?

Don’t worry, we will guide you. Read the below article to know the Best Discord PFP to use in 2022.

What is PFP?

PFP stands for Profile For Proof, this simply means the profile picture. Profile Picture includes the profile picture, no matter which platform. Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other social media platform. Today we will not talk about any of these. The article discusses how you can upload the Discord PFP. Aso, which PFPs are the Best Discord PFPs to use in 2022?

Stay tuned with us, and you will know all about the process. We will provide you with the best PFP.

Before we jump to the Best Discord PFP to use in 2022, let us know some of the important things to know about uploading the PFP. These include information regarding the size, format, and position. Read below :

  • Discord PFP is 128*128 pixels. Select the images which approve the pixel criteria otherwise, you will face problems in uploading.
  • Discord doesn’t allow you to change pictures randomly. There is a limitation to the number of times of can change the profile picture. Whenever you are uploading a new avatar, make sure that PFP is the one you want to upload.
  • Discord allows you to upload the image in PNG, JPG, JPEG, and GIF format. Only nitro subscribers are allowed to upload PFP in GIF format.
  • Whether you are using a mobile or a PC, in both cases you will see the profile picture option and then the edit avatar option.

How to find the Best Discord PFP to use in 2022?

PFP entirely depends on your choice. The picture depends on you. Use PFP, which suits you, defines your personality, and makes your profile look more attractive. Besides, that PFP depends on your choice. There are some PFPs that standouts. Want to know which PFP is best to use in 2022? Don’t worry, let’s find out!

We came up with some of the best PFPs. These are listed according to the category. Check out these or else you can use the below sources where you can find the PFP :

Trippy Discord PFP

TV Shows and Movies Discord

Gaming Discord PFPF

You will find multiple categories in Discord PFPs. Find the right category which suits you best and look for whichever fits you the best. Or else you can go through the below process to find more Discord PFPs.

 First, check all the PFPs listed here. Select whichever you liked and if you want some more options, than go to google. You can simply go to google and search the term “Best Discord PFP to use in 2022”. Google will show you all the websites with the top discord PFPs. Go to the website and choose the PFP you liked. Download the PFP and then upload it to your Discord PFP.

Now, the question is what else to set as a PFP? Your PFP can be personalized or some common image. Some famous meme. Here is a list of things you can choose as a Discord PFP :

  • Star War Characters
  • Your Cat
  • Your Image
  • A simple square / circular logo
  • Anything explicit
  • Meme
  • Your favorite character or influencer

How to change your Discord PFP?

Choosing the right PFP may be difficult for you, but changing isn’t. Uploading Discord PFP is a simple step process. Well, this isn’t the process, it’s just you need to find the how to change. It’s a simple process. Don’t worry! We will guide you on the right path to change the discord PFP. Read below :

  • Step 1: Open Discord on your PC or your mobile app. Whichever you use.
  • Step 2: You will see the gear icon at the bottom left corner of your screen. There you will see the option named “My Account”. Tap on the option.
  • Step 3: After the “My Account” option, you will see the “Edit User Profile Option” in the right corner. Click on the edit user profile.
  • Step 4: Now, click on the Change Avatar option. Through this option, you can change the profile picture. Upload the desired PFP and then the profile picture is going to be updated.

Discord allows the plain profile and also the GIF for nitro users. Before uploading the profile picture, make sure that the profile size is square and centered. Also, be aware of the size of the Profile picture. Choose your PFP wisely and upload the file.


You can simply download the PFP and upload the image in discord. The process is simple and easy to use. Just follow the above process and you can simply upload the picture. We hope the article helped you to find the Best Discord PFP to use in 2022. If you find the article valuable, then don’t forget to share it with your friends.