Best Heroes for Low Rank Mobile Legends

Learning to play the best heroes for low rank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is crucial for players who are still trying to make their way up the competitive ladder. A common misconception is that all the meta heroes in Mythic and above rank are also effective in lower ranks. However, most strong heroes in higher ranks are not that viable in lower ranks where most matches will lack teamwork and communication. For players who are looking to start improving their play and climb the competitive ladder, here are the best heroes for low rank in Mobile Legends that can carry you up to Epic and above.

Best Heroes for each role to use in Low Rank in Mobile Legends

The list of heroes is chosen based on how easy they are to use while being powerful in matchups for lower ranks. These heroes are also less likely to be banned in matches.

EXP Laner – Dyrroth

Dyrroth is a perfect hero to master in the EXP Lane due to being a counter to tanky heroes while also possessing a ton of burst damage to one-shot most assassins or marksmen. He also does not need any mana to cast his skills, allowing players to freely spam abilities to their heart’s content.

Keep in mind that you still need to consider mastering his proper combo if you want to effectively use him in ranked games.

Mid Lane – Nana

Nana is one of the easiest heroes to use in Mobile Legends ranks. On top of her insane burst damage, she also has a ton of CC (Crowd Control) effects that can be very crucial in teamfights. However, she falls off easily if an enemy picks Diggie or equips a Purify spell. 

Make sure to clear your lane as fast as you can and roam around to different lanes to try and get kills so you will always be ahead of your enemies as most opponents in lower ranks never leave their lane until the mid to late game.

Jungle – Saber

While Saber struggles to find relevance in higher ranks in MLBB, he can dominate in the lower ranks. His one-hit combo is very effective on opponents who are overextending in lane or roaming alone on the map. Just make sure your enemy does not see you walk towards them by hiding in the bush as most low-ranked players never check bushes.

Make sure you don’t target tanks or fighters who are building armor as you need to kill your target in one combo or else you will be the one in trouble.

Roamer – Kadita

In lower Mobile Legends ranks, you mostly don’t need utility heroes Like Mathilda or Angela. Most players won’t know what to do during a teamfight which means these heroes won’t be maximized. This is where burst mages like Kadita become very powerful. 

A lot of low-ranked players won’t know how to counter the knock up combo of Kadita. This means you can easily roam around the map and ambush unsuspecting players who don’t have any vision or map awareness.

Gold Lane – Layla

While Layla lacks any mobility, unlike other marksman heroes, she makes up for it with a huge attack range. If you practice and position yourself properly during the laning phase, you can easily poke down enemies and even kill them if they force a fight on low HP.

Layla can also be a good split pusher due to her being able to hit turrets at a safe range. However, make sure you are aware of the map as you will be very vulnerable if enemies come and ambush you.