BGMI x Ranveer Singh Crate Rewards Detailed

After much anticipation from the fans the 2.9 update in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been released. The update brought some of the best rewards in the game through its events, sub events and crates. The update also brought a new snow themed mode named Frozen Kingdom mode which is situated in the maps of Erangel, Vikendi and Livik with each map featuring snow houses and snow villages. In this article we will talk about the BGMI x Ranveer Singh crate and how to draw rewards from the crate.

BGMI x Ranveer Singh Crate detailed 

Ranveer Singh has collaborated with BGMI to release an exclusive crate for the fans. The crate features exclusive rewards such as a Ranveer Singh character and two outfits, a Ranveer Singh voice pack, Buggy skin and more. Players will require Unknown Cash (UC) to draw rewards from the crate. The crate is a one time exclusive event and will not return in the future. The Ranveer Singh crate will be live from 29th November to 25th January 2024.

  • Open the app, then open the events section from the menu in the upper right corner of the launch screen.

  • Locate and tap on the Ranveer Singh Crate event.

  • Players will see two different drawing options. Select the open once option, it will cost 60 UC for one draw. Drawings can also be done 10 times at once and will cost 540 UC.

  • Ranveer Singh character with Swaggy Baba Outfit.

  • Ranveer Singh character with RS Dark Stealth Outfit.

  • Ranveer Special Voice Pack.

  • Swagster Groove Emote.

  • Swagster Sway Emote.

  • Swagster Tathad Emote.

  • Swagster Twirl Emote.

  • RS Fury – M249 skin.

  • RS Pan-cho.

  • RS Swaggy Buggy skin.

  • Materials (for upgrading gun skins).

  • Press on the ‘+’ button at the top right corner of the screen.

  • Click on the pack that you want to buy and then choose a payment method of your choice.

  • Once you have chosen the payment method, click on the confirmation button.

  • After the payment is processed successfully, the player will receive a message that says “Payment Successful” and the UC will be added to the player’s account.

Players who want permanent rewards from the crate will have to do so with the help of UC. The number of UC required to draw rewards is not fixed and players are recommended to spend UC carefully as it can be addictive.