Best P90 Loadout for BGMI: Complete Attachment Setup

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most competitive battle royale mobile games. It offers some of the best features in terms of weapons and graphics. The game has several SMG weapons like Vector, UZI, P90, PP Bizon and MP5K. These weapons use 9mm ammunition and are best to use in close range fights.

P90 is one of the best 9mm weapons and unlike other weapons it can be used in close as well as mid range fights. The weapon was introduced in BGMI with the map of Livik. It is a map specific weapon and can only be found on the map of Livik.

Best loadout for P90 in BGMI

Some of the players in BGMI prefer the map of Livik as it offers intense back to back battles. The P90 is a weapon specifically made for the map of Livik. The map is small in size and mostly brings about close to mid range fights, which makes the P90 one of the best weapons on the map. Its high fire rate allows players to deal maximum damage. Players will need to have appropriate attachments to take full advantage of its capabilities.

These are some of the best attachments that can be used on P90:

  • Muzzle – Compensator.

  • Sight – Red Dot Sight.

  • Foregrip – Laser Sight.

  • Magazine Size: 50

The P90 uses 9mm ammunition. The Compensator attachment allows players to have better control over the weapons recoil. The most important attachment in the P90 is the Laser Sight. It helps to reduce the hip fire spread of the bullets and stabilizes the weapon for mid to long range fights. The P90 does not have a magazine attachment but its basic magazine holds upto 50 bullets, which along with the high fire rate, is more than enough to take close range fights..

These are some of the stats of the P90:

The P90 being an SMG decreases in damage significantly after a certain distance. The weapon also has significant bullet drop in mid to long range fights. Although the P90 is an upgrade to its counterparts such as the UZI or Vector it still lags behind in terms of damage. Weapons such as AKM, UMP45, and Shotguns like S12K and DBS, can be given greater preference by players as they deal more damage at close range.