BGMI: Avoiding 5 Common Close Combat Blunders

BGMI: Avoiding 5 Common Close Combat Blunders

In the intense world of BGMI, mastering close combat situations is crucial for survival. Players often find themselves in the heat of battle, facing opponents in close quarters where split-second decisions can make the difference between victory and a quick exit. In this article, we’ll dissect five common mistakes players make during close combat and provide valuable insights to help you steer clear of these pitfalls.

1. Standing Too Close to the Wall: A Hidden Obstacle

One prevalent mistake that players often overlook is standing too close to walls. In close combat situations, this can obstruct your view and impede your movement. Prefiring and stepping out of cover become less effective when your weapon is blocked by the environment. The solution? Move back from your cover, ensuring your weapon has a clear line of sight. Additionally, activate the warning setting to alert you when your view is obstructed.

2. Improper Prefiring Technique: A Bullet-Wasting Blunder

Prefiring is an essential tactic, but executing it improperly can be detrimental. Pulling your joystick at a 20-degree angle and then springing out of cover may limit your movement space. Instead, try prefiring with a broader angle, giving you more room for strategic movement and dodging bullets. This not only enhances your survival chances but also throws off your opponents’ aim, increasing your headshot rate.

3. Failure to Rotate Camera When Rushed: Aim Tracing Essentials

When faced with a rush, many players neglect to rotate their camera and track their opponent’s movements. This lack of awareness diminishes your ability to aim trace effectively. To improve your aim tracing, rotate your camera, anticipate your opponent’s path, and adjust your crosshair slightly above their head. This simple adjustment can significantly enhance your accuracy in close-quarters combat.

4. Misuse of Hip Firing: Precision over Spraying

Understanding when to hip fire and when to scope is crucial. If your opponent is slightly further away, hip firing may cause bullets to scatter, even if your crosshair is on target. Instead, open your scope briefly and close it instantly when the crosshair aligns with your enemy’s head. This quick scoping technique significantly improves bullet accuracy, leading to a higher headshot rate and quicker eliminations.

5. Underutilizing Cover: The Tactical Advantage

In the chaos of close-range encounters, players often forget the tactical advantage of using cover. Rather than blindly rushing out of cover and hip firing, use your surroundings strategically. In a tournament endgame scenario, consider the power of movement within cover. This can be a game-changer, allowing you to deal damage while minimizing the risk of taking hits. Master the art of playing with cover, and you’ll find yourself dominating close-range engagements.

In conclusion, these five mistakes are common pitfalls that can cost players dearly in close combat situations. By addressing these issues and implementing the suggested solutions, players can significantly improve their chances of success in the intense battlegrounds of BGMI. Stay tuned for more insights and tips in upcoming videos. Subscribe now, join the community, and let’s conquer the battleground together!

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