BGMI Best Attachments to Control Gun Recoil

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has various kinds of weapon categories like Assault Rifles (ARs), SubMachine Guns (SMG), Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), Sniper Rifle and Light Machine Guns (LMG). Each weapon has different kinds of features but the only thing common amongst them is recoil. Every weapon in BGMI has mid to high recoil and players will need various kinds of attachments in order to control it. In this article we will talk about the best attachments to control gun recoil in BGMI which will provide stability and precision.

Best Attachments to control gun recoil in BGMI

Before learning about the best attachments players must know what recoil in BGMI is and how a player can control it. Recoil in BGMI is when the gun moves in the upwards direction while firing bullets. To control the recoil players need to push down on the screen which will help to fire bullets in a straight line. To maintain stability while controlling recoil players will need different kinds of attachments like Foregrip and Muzzle attachments.

These are some of the best attachments to control recoil in BGMI:

  • Compensator: The Compensator is the best muzzle attachment in BGMI. It works in two ways, the first way is it hides the flash while firing bullets which helps to hide your location from enemies and it also helps to control recoil significantly. Players can use the SMG and AR Compensator attachment on respective guns to maintain stability. ARs such as AKM and M762 have high recoil and players can control it using this attachment.

The above mentioned attachments will help players to control the recoil of any weapon in BGMI but you will still have to practice and master the weapon in order to have precision while securing long range knockdowns and finishes. Players must practice with the different kinds of attachments and use the ones they are the most comfortable with.