BMPS 2023 Week 2: Points Table, Overview and More

Week 2 of Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 has concluded with teams like Blind Esports, Team Insane, Team Soul, Numen Gaming and AutoBotz dominating the event. Some of the seasoned teams like Gujarat Tigers, Hyderabad Hydras and OR Esports have put forth decent fights but are yet to showcase their best performance. 

The 96 participating teams were divided into 12 groups of 8 each and these teams were further divided into two groups called Blue and Red Groups. The teams were reshuffled for Week 2.

BMPS 2023 Week 2 Summary

Blue Group overview: The Blue group consisted of groups 1 to 6. Blind Esports was placed at the top of the table with an equal number of finish and placement points with a total of 115 points and 1 chicken dinner which included 25 bonus points. 

AutoBotz made a comeback and was placed second with 104 total points, 3 chicken dinners and 20 bonus points. Team Together Esports continued its momentum from Week 1 and got 98 points with 2 chicken dinners and 15 bonus points. Team Genesis placed fourth and was able to grab 84 points. Global Esports also made a comeback to secure 74 points and 10 bonus points. 

4 Aggressive Man put forth good fights throughout Week 2 and got 70 points with 1 chicken dinner. Hydra Esports and IM Official were able to show their abilities and grabbed 69 and 66 points with 10 bonus points respectively.

Red Group overview: The Red group consisted of groups 7 to 12. Insane Esports dominated the Red group with 113 total points and 25 bonus points. It was able to secure 113 points in just 5 matches with 2 chicken dinners.

Numen Gaming made a comeback to secure 88 total points with 20 bonus points and a chicken dinner. Team Soul showed aggressive gameplay and secured 82 points, 34 of which came via finish points. Gods Reign placed fourth and got 77 points. Team Psyche showed placement based gameplay and was placed fifth with two chicken dinners and 74 total points. 

Ostmen Esports placed sixth had a good mix of finish and placement points and got 70 points. The Godlike Esports squad had consistent performances across all three days and secured 69 points. Gladiators Esports placed eighth with 69 points and a chicken dinner.

Week 2 saw some of the teams like Numen Gaming, Team Psyche, Gods Reign, AutoBotz and Global Esports make a comeback and climb the overall standings across both the weeks. Although some of the teams were able to make a comeback they are still behind the qualification spot and will have to show consistent performances in Week 3 to grab a spot in the Grand Finals. 

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