BMPS 2023 Week 3: Overall Standings, Overview and More

Week 3 of Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 has concluded with teams like Blind Esports, Team Insane, GenxFM, Dragon Esports and Gujarat Tigers dominating the event. Some of the seasoned teams like Global Esports, Godlike Esports and Gods Reign put forth decent fights but have been eliminated from the BMPS 2023 event.

The 96 participating teams were divided into 12 groups of 8 each, which were further divided into two groups called Blue and Red Groups. The teams were reshuffled for Week 3.

BMPS 2023 Week 3 Summary

Blue Group overview: The Blue Group consisted of groups 1 to 6. Team Insane was the most consistent team in the Blue Group and secured 138 points from 5 matches with 4 chicken dinners including 60 finish points and 25 bonus points.

Blind Esports continued its good run from Week 2 and was placed second with 89 points and a chicken dinner with 20 bonus points. Entity placed third with 81 points and 15 bonus points. Reckoning Esports and Lucknow Giants made a comeback and were placed fourth and fifth with 76 points each. 

Third World Mafia (TWM) had a good mix of finish and placement points and was placed sixth with 73 points. Growing Strong continued its momentum from Week 2 and got 72 points. Wind Esports made a comeback to secure 69 points.

Red Group overview: The Red Group consisted of groups 7 to 12. GenxFM was the most dominant team in the Red Group. It was placed at the top of the table and was able to grab 97 points without any chicken dinner. 

Dragon Esports made a comeback in Week 3 and was placed second with 87 points and 20 bonus points. Gujarat Tigers put forth consistent performances and placed third with 81 points and a chicken dinner with 15 bonus points. WSB Gaming showed aggressive gameplay and scored 76 points from 5 matches including 38 finish points. Marcos Gaming placed fourth and got 75 points with 2 chicken dinners. 

Team Soul continued its good run from Week 2 of BMPS 2023 and secured the sixth spot with 73 points. GlitchxReborn and Team XSpark were placed seventh and eighth with 72 points each.

Week 3 saw some of the teams like Dragon Esports, Gujarat Tigers, WSB Gaming, Marcos Gaming and Reckoning Esports make a comeback but it was too late as none of them could grab a spot in the Grand Finals. Some of the seasoned teams like Numen Gaming and 8BitxCS were able to make a comeback and put forth consistent performances in Week 3 which led to them securing a spot in the Grand Finals.

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