COD: Mobile Season 11: Release Schedule for all Mythic, Legendary Skins Revealed

As the buzz around Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 intensifies, players are eagerly anticipating the scheduled release of a spectacular array of Mythic and Legendary skins, promising an invigorating upgrade to the game’s visual landscape. Season 11 is set to roll out a series of coveted items, enticing players with an array of thrilling options.

The season marks a significant milestone with the inclusion of two Mythic skins, notably the elusive Mythic Siren character skin. Though initial data mining attempts yielded limited details due to missing files, the draw’s revelation includes an enticing legendary BK-57 AR skin, hinting at the grandeur of the upcoming offerings.

The comprehensive lineup of skins and cosmetics across various categories assures players of a diverse and visually captivating journey throughout Season 11, offering an immersive experience brimming with Mythic and Legendary upgrades. Stay tuned as the release schedule unfolds, ushering in an exciting season filled with spectacular visual enhancements and thrilling rewards.