Burmese Ghouls Reportedly at Risk of Losing M5 Slot Due to Passport Issue

One of the highly anticipated teams to make a return in the international Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) stage, Burmese Ghouls (BG) is reportedly at risk of losing its M5 World Championship slot. According to a member of the Myanmar Esports Federation (MESF) Sai Thiha Aung, the team is currently having issues with some of its members’ passports. If the issue is not fixed in time, Burmese Ghouls may not be able to attend the upcoming M5 World Championship and may be replaced with another Burmese team. The team also reportedly stated it wants to give its slot to the third-place team in the M5 Wild Card if its members fail to secure the necessary requirements.

Burmese Ghouls Face M5 Slot Jeopardy Due to Passport issues

According to a Facebook post from a member of the MESF, Sai Thiha Aung, the anticipated return of Burmese Ghouls to the MLBB world stage is hanging in the balance due to passport-related complications.

He revealed a critical setback for the Myanmar team, stating that “3 Players of Burmese Ghouls team don’t have passports,” putting their hard-earned slot for the upcoming M5 World Championship at risk. If not resolved, this could potentially lead to the team being replaced by the second-placed team from the Myanmar Qualifiers, Mythic Seal.

Despite the precarious situation, Sai Thiha Aung emphasized that Burmese Ghouls is actively working to address the passport issue promptly. “Actually, BG is still trying to get a chance to go and compete… We are also helping to get Passports, and Myanmar is working to secure a slot,” he reassured.

However, in a transparent communication with fans, he acknowledged the gravity of the situation, avoiding false optimism. Should Burmese Ghouls fail to obtain the necessary passports, Mythic Seal might step in, or the slot could potentially be awarded to the third-placed team in the ongoing M5 Wild Card.

The looming comeback of Burmese Ghouls to the grand stage, particularly in its highly anticipated match against its former rival, AP.Bren (formerly Bren Esports), is a focal point of the upcoming M5 World Championship. The roots of this rivalry trace back to the M2 World Championship, where the two teams engaged in a riveting grand finals that extended to seven rounds, ultimately resulting in a 4-3 victory in favor of AP.Bren. 

This article shall be updated when more information becomes available of the developments surrounding Burmese Ghouls’ passport issues and their participation in the M5 World Championship.