How to Get Meowscarada in Pokemon Unite: Release Date

Pokemon Unite announced in August this year that three new Pokemon Blaziken, Mimikyu, and Meowscarada would be making their debut in the mobile MOBA. Now, the developers have finally announced a release date for Meowscarada along with plans for a holiday-themed battle mode and other Holiday events. Players will need to unlock Meowscarada when it is officially released in the game. Here is all you need to know about how to get Meowscarada in Pokemon Unite. 

Meowscarada in Pokemon Unite: Release Date

Pokemon Unite announced Meowscarada’s release date in Pokemon Unite on X (formerly Twitter). Meowscarada will be coming to Pokemon Unite on 7th December 2023. 

Players can also expect a holiday-themed battle mode and several Holiday events are coming soon to the game with the upcoming patch. Meowscarada’s moveset had also been leaked a while back and this Grass/Dark-Type trickster packs quite a punch. You will likely be able to play him as a jungler/ganker, with a combination of speed, boost abilities, and a lot of trickery-related moves.

How to get Meowscarada in Pokemon Unite

There are likely to be two ways to unlock Meowscarada in Pokemon Unite, one being through getting its License in the game’s shop. It is expected to be sold for 15,000 Aeos Coins or 700 Gems. Another speculated way of unlocking him would be to log in daily during one of the holiday events coming to the game in the next patch.  

Pokemon Unite Meowscarada abilities

Meowscarada is the 8th Speedster coming to Pokemon Unite and will feature a ton of mobility, damage and some trickster-esque moves. Some of Meowscarada’s moves are as follows:

  • Leafage: Shoots out leaves that deal damage to enemy Pokemon they hit and decrease their movement speed

  • Hone Claws: Dashes forward and increases speed and damage for the next three basic attacks.

  • Flower Trick: Attaches a timed flower bomb to a rival Pokemon, when this bomb detonates, it deals a percentage of damage on the target. This damage is further increased in marked Pokemon for the upgraded version and resets its cooldown on takedowns. The area of the explosion also increases and boosts the movement speed of the user