Clash of Clans Out Of Sync Issue: How To Fix

Clash of Clans Out Of Sync Issue: How To Fix

Clash of Clans is a popular mobile strategy-video game played by millions of players all over the world. However, they have recently been experiencing an ‘Out of Sync’ issue in the game that is hampering the gaming experience for many. This error pops up with a message saying “Client and server are out of sync!,” meaning that the device is not in control with the server. This leads to the game not updating the player’s movements and their abilities are wasted for nothing. 

Notably, this error also arises when the internet connection is not stable. If you are experiencing an ‘Out of Sync’ issue, it might cause the game to lag and the server to not be in sync with your movements. If a server is loaded with a lot of players at a given point in time, it may go out of sync due to the massive amount of traffic. This is leading to huge amounts of disappointment as players are unable to play the game. 

What Do the Developers Say?

In a tweet by Clash of Clans, the developers acknowledged the issue, revealing that it is currently under investigation as they are trying to find out the source of this bug. 

However, Clash of Clans soon resolved the issue in the span of a day, getting back to players and letting them know that the issue was resolved. Along with a tweet, Supercell also posted a that players can take to curb the issue. 

How to Fix the ‘Out of Sync’ Issue?

This error occurs when the device and the servers are unable to align and mostly arises due to an unstable internet connection. You can follow the given steps to tackle this issue at hand:

  • Checking your Internet connection

  • Making sure you are playing the latest version of the game

  • Closing any apps running on the background

  • Clearing your cache

  • Restarting your device

While this may solve the issue, it is important to note that this is not the end solution. Players might experience it again and they can try repeating the above steps again for resolution. Always keep in mind that following these steps may not ensure that the issue will not pop up again. 

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