COD: Mobile Season 1 (2024) Battle Pass Characters and Weapons Leaked

COD: Mobile Season 1 (2024) Battle Pass Characters and Weapons Leaked


The upcoming Season 1 “Soldier’s Tale” battle pass for COD: Mobile will feature a variety of new cosmetic items and weapons for players to unlock, according to details revealed by a dataminer. In total, there are 50 tiers of rewards to work through. In this article, we take a closer look at the rewards offered in respective tiers and also talk about the release date.

COD: Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass: Check All Tier Rewards

Starting off at Tier 1, a new Death Angel Alice character skin called “Wonder Lost” can be obtained immediately upon buying the pass. An epic weapon blueprint for the S36 LMG called “Caterpillar’s Poetry” is also available right away, although its usefulness is questionable due to the weapon’s low popularity. Additionally, a new animated calling card featuring the Cipher character is available on Tier 1.

Other notable unlocks include an epic QQ9 SMG weapon blueprint on Tier 10 called “Dragon’s Roar” which features bat wing motifs on the sides. On Tier 12, players can obtain an epic Cipher character skin titled “Hatter’s Grin.” A new lethal equipment called the Trip Mine is also unlockable, which shows enemy locations when triggered.

For sniper rifle fans, the new functional LW3 Tundra sniper rifle can be obtained on Tier 21. On Tier 30, a new Daniel operator skin called “Hangman” is available.

Tier 40 includes an epic blueprint for the Striker shotgun named “Death Spiral.” Finally, Tier 50 contains the highly anticipated epic “Red Queen’s Rebuke” blueprint for the LW3 Tundra sniper rifle, plus an new epic Artery character skin called “Heartless Queen.”

Expected Release Date of Season 1 Battle Pass

The upcoming patch update is set to be released a few days before the bagging of COD Mobile Season 1 (2024) on January 11, 2024, at 12:00 am UTC / 05:30 am IST (or January 10, 2024, at 04:00 pm PST / 07:00 pm EST). Players must claim the Season 11 (2023) Battle Pass content before the launch of Season 1, as it will be automatically removed if not claimed in time. So we can expect the Season 1 Battle Pass will be on 15-20th January.


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