Free Fire Weapon Royale Gun Skins for January 2024: Woodpecker Jam Sessions & More

Free Fire Weapon Royale Gun Skins for January 2024: Woodpecker Jam Sessions & More

Free Fire’s upcoming weapon royale event will introduce a new legendary gun skin called the Woodpecker Jam Sessions in late January 2024. This musical-themed skin features an eye-catching purple design and will be released alongside the OB43 update for Free Fire MAX’s Indian servers on January 24th. In this article, we talk about it’s price, draw mechanics and more.

More about the Woodpecker Jam Sessions Skin

The Woodpecker Jam Sessions gun skin boasts upgraded attributes over standard weaponry. It increases the weapon’s range and magazine capacity, though there is a slight decrease in accuracy. Overall, these improved stats should give players an edge, complementing the skin’s stylish appearance.

How to obtain the Woodpecker Jam Sessions skin? Spin Cost & More

To obtain the Woodpecker Jam Sessions skin, players will need to participate in the luck-based weapon royale event. Spins cost 40 diamonds each, with discount packages available. For example, a 10+1 spin bundle comes at 400 diamonds total. Gamers can also utilize weapon royale vouchers earned through previous events, redeeming one voucher per spin.

What are the Odds to get the Rawards

Due to the random nature of the weapon royale system, scoring the grand prize Woodpecker skin requires a healthy amount of luck. Players have “luck quotients” in Free Fire MAX, and those with higher luck points have better chances at rare items like this skin. Still, every spin is a gamble, so prepare to invest significant resources for a chance to win.

Alongside the weapon skin, experts predict other rewards like an emote called “Tea Time” may be available as minor prizes. But the Woodpecker Jam Sessions gun will undoubtedly be the highlight. With its stylish finish and upgraded stats, it is set to become one of early 2024’s most coveted Free Fire MAX rewards. Gamers unable to wait should start stockpiling diamonds in anticipation of January 24th.

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