COD: Mobile Season 2 Leaks Reveal New Armory Series, Functional Weapons & More

COD: Mobile Season 2 Leaks Reveal New Armory Series, Functional Weapons & More


Call of Duty Mobile enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement as Season 2 approaches. In this article, we’ll delve into the latest leaks and speculations surrounding the upcoming season, exploring potential release dates, major updates, new weapons, and intriguing in-game additions. Although none of these leaks are officially confirmed to drop next season, they are scheduled to appear in the game eventually.

COD: Mobile Season 2 Leaks

1. Possible Release Date:

The anticipation for Season 2 is building, and while no official announcements have been made, players are eager to know when the next season will kick off. Based on in-game information such as the monthly login calendar and the current rank series, there’s speculation that Season 1 will conclude on February 7th, 2024. If this holds true, Season 2 could potentially start on February 8th, ushering in a new wave of excitement for players worldwide.

2. Season 2 Major Updates and New Features:

As the current season wraps up, players are hopeful for a significant in-game update with new maps, modes, and features. Leaks from Elite game leakers hint at a potential game-changer—a new multiplayer mode called Mobility Battle, inspired by Black Ops 3, allowing players to traverse walls. Additionally, data miners suggest the introduction of a new Battle Royale class named Jet Boost, although details remain scarce. The promise of a new lobby UI further adds to the anticipation of a substantial update for Season 2.

3. New Weapons and Changes: A key element of every new season is the introduction of fresh weapons. Season 2 is expected to bring not just one but possibly two new functional weapons. While there were previous leaks about the Jocker Launcher, the latest information hints at the inclusion of the Dual Karambit melee weapon from Modern Warfare. Players are invited to share their preferences for new weapons in the comments, sparking discussions about the potential arsenal for the upcoming season.

4. New Rank Series and Tournaments: Season 2 is expected to bring not only a new rank series but also the possibility of an epic Urban Tracker as a Battle Royale reward. The introduction of a new seasonal tournament mode adds another layer of excitement, although details remain scarce. With the Lunar New Year approaching, there’s speculation about a themed season, and players are eager to see if this cultural celebration will influence the upcoming content.

5. Armory Series and Lunar New Year Theme: Rumors and leaks suggest the arrival of a new Armory Series, possibly centered around the Chinese Lunar New Year theme. While edited images have circulated, nothing has been confirmed by developers, leaving room for speculation. Players wonder if the next season will feature legendary skins like the Zodiac Beast and Dragon Dance, bringing a festive touch to the game.

As the Call of Duty Mobile community gears up for Season 2, the leaks and speculations have only heightened the anticipation. With the promise of new weapons, features, and thematic content, players worldwide are eagerly awaiting the official release to dive into the next chapter.


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