COD Mobile to Hold 2000 CP Giveaway This Christmas – Check Dates, Missions, How to Get

Call of Duty: Mobile is holding its Winterfest in-game event this week, offering players opportunities to earn some epic rewards and win premium currency. Winterfest includes daily holiday missions that allow participants to collect Blessed Bells tokens by completing specified tasks. After accruing enough blessed Bells, players can visit the in-game Winterfest Exchange store to redeem the tokens for epic weapon blueprints, avatars, credits, and more. One of the top prize choices is a chance to instantly win 2000 COD Points (CP), which can be used to purchase new gear and Battle Passes.

How to win Free CP from Winter Fest Event?

In addition to the Blessed Bells mission where one can potentially score 2000 free CP, Call of Duty has introduced Winterfest login objectives. By launching the game on 23rd and 24th December, players will be automatically entered into a random drawing for the 2000 CP prize pool. Essentially two avenues exist for grabbing the coveted premium currency this Christmas. However, the holiday CP drawings are now limited to including the Garena version only.

Missions players need to complete to collect the Bell tokens: CODM CP Giveaway

  • Play 2 Multiplayer Matches.

  • Use Operator Skill 3 times in Multiplayer.

  • Enter the Top 15 in Battle Royale once.

The Winterfest giveaway event follows a similar mechanic that was introduced in the Call of Duty World Championship broadcasts where viewers could earn cosmetic items just for watching a few hours.

Winning the CP requires some luck, but between the missions, login rewards, and multiple giveaway entries, players have decent chances at coming away with premium gear, CP, or other goods this winter season.

As for global players, there is no such update for now which offers players to win COD points for free. However, global players can still take part in the Holiday Series armory from where they can win legendary skins by making spins using tokens.