Stormball in Call of Duty Mobile: All You Need To Know

Stormball in Call of Duty Mobile is an example of Tactical Equipment. Tactical Equipment are throwable or plantable grenades, drones and defense systems you can equip as a part of your loadout in Call of Duty: Mobile. Tactical equipment in Call of Duty (COD) Mobile consists of grenades, EMP, sensors, drones, Stormball and a trophy system which don’t directly deal damage like lethal equipment. Tactical equipment weakens your enemies in some way. Cryo bombs, gas, decoy, echo, flashbang and concussion grenades slow, disorient, blind and misdirect enemies.

There are a total of twelve tactical equipment items currently available in the game. Seven of the twelve tactical equipment is currently available for players to play and unlock using the credit store. Here is everything you need to know about Stormball in COD Mobile.

Stormball in Call of Duty Mobile

The Storm Ball is tactical equipment added to Call of Duty: Mobile in January 2022 as part of the Season 1: Heist update. Stormball could be unlocked at Tier 14 in the battle pass during that season. 

Stormball is a spherical barrier generated at a designated location to block the enemy’s line of sight. Once thrown, a shield or barrier is generated from the top of the ball. Enemies inside the barrier will not recover. It has a radius of 60 and a duration of 70. Players can hold a maximum of 1 Stormball (2 with the Tactician Wildcard). 

How to get Stormball in Call of Duty Mobile after Season 1: Heist

As of now Stormball is not available to unlock in this season’s battle pass. However, players can get Stormball through the Credit Shop. Stormball costs 2000 COD Credits. You can unlock Stormball in Call of Duty: Mobile with the following steps:

COD Credits are an in-game currency you can earn while playing Call of Duty: Mobile. You can earn Credits by completing certain Tasks or Challenges, completing Battle Pass tiers, through special offers, or when receiving a duplicate item. Players can use these COD Credits to purchase various items in the Store, including weapons, equipment, and other valuable items. 

Once you unlock Stormball, you can equip it by navigating to the loadout screen from the main menu in COD Mobile. That’s all you need to know about Stormball in Call of Duty Mobile.