COD: Mobile to Introduce New Signature Attachment for UL & New Map

The latest COD: Mobile leaks have revealed some exciting new content for players, including a new integrated silencer barrel attachment, a brand new close-quarters Gunfight map, and other changes. In this article, we will talk about the attributes of the signature attachment for UL and also talk about the design of the new map which coming over to the mobile port from Modern Warfare (2019).

New Signature Attachment for UL 736

After the nerf of Holger, the UL 736 has been the most effective LMG in recent ranked seasons. The new Integrated Silencer Barrel attachment can be equipped to the UL 736 light machine gun (LMG) in Barrel section. This attachment adds a built-in suppressor to the weapon, reducing noise and muzzle flash. However, it also slightly decreases accuracy and recoil control. Players who value stealth and mobility over precision could benefit from this attachment.

New Map – Atrium

Additionally, the new Atrium map offers intense, fast-paced combat by packing Gunfight matches into extremely close quarters. Set in a pleasant palace courtyard with a central fountain, Atrium is one of the smallest maps built specifically for Gunfight. Its tight spaces and obstructed sightlines force quick, decisive movements and nonstop action.

Atrium’s layout is simple, with the fountain and small tree providing just enough cover. Players spawn on opposite sides, immediately in view of enemies. With such a tiny map and the Gunfight loadout randomness, no single strategy rules all. However, close-range weapons like shotguns and SMGs thrive here. Cover and good timing are critical no matter your loadout.

Atrium offers something completely different from existing maps. Players tired of the same old grind should find these changes to be a breath of fresh air.

For the UL however, exact attributes of the attachment is yet to be revealed. Moreover, the new season 1 patch notes are already revealed where more ARs and SMGs are getting buffs. Although the UL has hold its held high as reliable weapon for anchor players, chances are high that will be still as effective in the shifting meta.