COD: Mobile’s Next Season to Introduce Groza & Ballistic Knife; Check Gameplay

COD: Mobile's Next Season to Introduce Groza & Ballistic Knife; Check Gameplay


The Chinese version of Call of Duty Mobile has just unveiled an intriguing test server update, shedding light on the upcoming Season 11, which is slated to be the final season of the year. This update has unraveled exciting information, giving players a sneak peek into the imminent developments within the game. Let’s delve into what lies ahead in the highly anticipated Season 11 for Call of Duty Mobile.

New Functional Weapons Revealed

Straight from the latest test server update, developers have introduced new functional weapons that are set to make an entrance in Season 11. Among these additions is the ‘Groza’ assault rifle, a familiar weapon from the Call of Duty series. This fully automatic assault rifle boasts exceptional handling speed, improved damage, and a commendable rate of fire, making it a formidable choice in the AR category. While its default iron sight might take some adjustment, the overall performance establishes the Groza assault rifle as one of the premier ARs in Call of Duty.

Moreover, rumors from the test server suggest that this new assault rifle will receive a legendary blueprint in the upcoming Season 11, promising an exciting customization element for players.

Introducing the Ballistic Knife

In addition to the Groza assault rifle, Season 11 is set to introduce another weapon: the ballistic knife. This special secondary weapon offers a dual functionality, serving as an enhanced melee attack or a projectile-based weapon. The melee function of the ballistic knife operates similarly to a standard melee attack but with a faster attack interval, enabling users to employ their melee skills more proficiently.

When used as a projectile, the ballistic knife deals a flat 250 damage upon hitting the target, ensuring an instant kill regardless of the range. Notably, the projectile does not feature body multipliers, removing the necessity to aim for specific body parts unless opting for a challenging or playful strategy against opponents.

Checkout Expected Gameplay of Groza & Ballistic Knife in the Video Below

Skin Speculations and Game Insights

However, contrary to expectations, no indications have surfaced regarding a legendary weapon skin for the ballistic knife in Season 11, based on the recent test server update.

As Season 11 approaches, the game is poised to bring a blend of anticipation and excitement among Call of Duty Mobile enthusiasts. Players eagerly await the addition of these new weapons and the dynamic gameplay they will bring to the battlefield.


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