CryptoBlade Review 2022 What is CryptoBlade?


Cryptocurrency is at its peak and the new term Crypto games are also booming rapidly. Cryptocurrency has been a major investment in the last few years. Crypto games are new and everyone needs to know what these games are. 

So, we are going to discuss one of the popular  Crypto games known as CryptoBlades. 

Axis Infinity and My Defi Pet are some of the popular games in the crypto world. In the same line, crypto blades are also a popular game. 


What is CryptoBlade? 

CryptoBlade is a blockchain game based on the Binance Smart Chain developed by the Riveted Company. This is a little confusing for some people cryptoblades to PHP

Let’s start with basic facts!

Cryptoblades is a web-based game that provides you with NFT roleplaying. In the game, you need to fight with the enemy. Earn SKILLS and then use these SKILLS to upgrade your ranking. 

“Play to Earn ” is the phrase used to promote the game.  The game gives the whole play to earn with amazing graphics. As the game involved fighting and winning, this simply means that there is lots of adventure and fun. The game will give experience beyond the world.  

How to earn and Play? 


In CryptoBlades, there are two ways to earn, the first one is to earn by playing combat against a random enemy, 

and the second one is by warning and selling weapons,  skins, and skills. We are going to talk about both methods but before that, you need to know some general facts about the CryptoBlades. 

In CryptoBlades, you are provided with four elements, Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Water. To be clear, all characters, elements, weapons, and even weapons attributes are known as elements. 

All these elements have different powers employed for different purposes. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Elements : 

Fire is the strongest against the earth and the weakest against the water. 

Earth is the strongest against lighting and weakest against fire. 

Lighting is strongest among the water and the weakest against the earth. 

Water is the strongest Fire and the weakest against lighting. 

Combat is between the Player and the random enemy. You can use the elements and weapons to fight combat. Here’s the point worth noting down, you need BNB gas to enter the combat. The result of the fight will decide if you are going to be rewarded with SKILLS or not. Reward too depend on the power of the enemy. You will earn the SKILL Token.

The second method is by trading the weapons, attributes, and skins in exchange for the SKILL TOKEN. Through this method, you exchange items and add expertise to your character. 

The primary way to earn more SKILLS is by fighting and winning the battle against strong and powerful enemies. As said above, CryptoBlade is a blockchain game.  Players own NFTs, which can be used to sell and trade the items. 

If you are a beginner then all the information mentioned here is enough for you to get started with the CryptoBlades. Get started today!

How CryptoBlade work? 

Blockchain games are a unique concept. Not everyone knows how BlockChain works. If you are the one then continue with us. 

To start playing you need BNB Coins or you can say the transactions unit of Binance ( Binance is a cryptocurrency ). 

Binance is known as Binance Smart Chain (BSC) cryptocurrency with works in coordination with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM ). All this doesn’t matter here, what matters is how Binance or BNB Coins are used in CryptoBlade. 

CryptoBlade only needs BNB Coins to get started with battle combat when you start a new user. In further process, you will need coins to purchase various items like skins, suits, weapons, and weapons attributes. 

Packages of the CryptoBlades – 

CryptoBlades has various plans and offers to purchase. Below are the most basic ones : 

Value Pack –

• Value Pack – USD 101 – 4 Characters 3 swords, 1 account, current earnings of USD 90 per month/USD 1,080 per annum in dividends

• Standard Package – USD 154 – 4 Characters, 4 swords, 1 account, current earnings of USD 150 per month/USD 1,800 per annum in dividends.

• Max Packs – USD 206 – 4 Characters, 5 swords, 1 account, current earnings of USD 220 per month/USD 2,640 per annum dividends

How to get started? 

CryptoBlade is a browser-based game available for all users. To get started you need a PC or Laptop and access to an efficient browser. Visit the website to access the website. 

All together now, you need to visit the website, log in or sign up, and then get started to play the combat. Play as much as gameplay you can, so that you can collect the SKILLS and elevate your experience. 

To start playing your combats you need to have 1.2252 SKILLS and 0.001BNB. And for an extra requirement, you need to have 0.0015 BNB. 

Here are a few steps to get started with the CryptoBlade : 

These are extra steps to follow to get started with CryptoBlade. 

  • Step 1: First of all, download the digital wallet known as MetaMask. 
  • Step 2: You need to create a Binance Account to purchase the BNB coins.  
  • Step 3: Purchase the BNB Coins. These coins are going to be transferred to readied MetaMask. 
  • Step 4: Here comes the conversion step, head over to Apeswap to obtain Skills tokens when your Metsmask is connected. 

Briefly, these additional steps are to convert BNB coins into SKILLS tokens. BNB Coins are real cryptocurrencies and Skills is a virtual currency used in CryptoBlades. In closing, these steps are for the conversion.


All in all, CryptoBlades is a new concept, it’s time to explore this market. There are chances that you may make lots of profit. If you start early then the chances of earning increase. You will have early exposure and with experience, you will know how all these things work. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and try out the game now.