Top 6 methods to get Free Coins on House of Fun

house of fun free coins

What is the best way to get the free coins in HoF? The free spins? Is there any trick to getting the free coins? No, not yet. Well, there are various in-game methods to get free coins on house of fun. We are going to cover all the methods here. Let’s dive right in!

About House of Fun

House of Fun is one of the most popular games of all time. People love to spin and win slots in various games. It’s like a virtual casino. Well, it’s not the same as the real ones. Here, you don’t use your real money, instead the House of Fun‘s currency. In other words, the House of fun has a collection of world-class games. These games are based on the slots. And these slots can be won by free winning spins and coins. Therefore, the articles cover “How to get free coins on house of fun ?”

Before we know how to get the free coins, let us know a bit more about the game!

House of Fun has a wide range of games which makes the game so popular. You can visit the game by clicking on the link here or you can download the game from the play store. Download, install and play and win the slot of the games. The game is a little complicated, so you have to be patient with the game.

At some point, you will need the tricks and tips to get the house of fun-free coins. So, we came up with the Top 6 methods to get Free Coins on House of Fun.

Six Methods to get Free Coins in House of Fun

Below is the list of the methods, go through the list :

1. Daily Free Spins and Free Coins

Free Coins on House of Fun
House of Fun Free Coins

Daily Spins and Daily Coins are the simplest methods to get free coins. There are limited ways to get the free coins and this is one of the ways to do it.

To get the daily free coins, all you have to do is just open the game at least once in a whole day. The game gives you the option to spin once for free and as a reward, you usually get the free coins. It’s simple, just open the game and the first option you will see is the daily free spins. Free Spin isn’t the only daily option available, you will also find the quest and the daily challenges. We will discuss all these in the next few sections.

2. Connect the game to Facebook

Getting free coins and rewards is a bit tricky. You will never find a direct way to do so. However, there is a legitimate way to do so, that is, to connect your Facebook account to the game. This method will not give you huge rewards, but surely this will have a good impact on your balance.

To connect your gaming to your Facebook account, first, tap on the Facebook icon present at the bottom left of the screen. Through the option, you will be able to connect Facebook with a game account by filling in all the details. You will see your reward after you completed the process.

3. Welcome gift

Free Coins on House of Fun
House of Fun Free Coins

The welcome gift is for new users. When you will sign up for the game, you will see the game will show you two reward options, the first one is free spins, and another one is free coins. You can choose free coins here. This is the most legitimate method to get the house of fun-free coins.

Want to know how it’s useful for those who already have an account? You can create another account using another email id. We understand you can’t create a new account every time, but you can use this trick once in a while. You should try it at least once.

4. Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are an excellent way to get acquainted with the house of fun-free coins. So, let’s find out what are the daily challenges and how you can win free coins.

Daily Challenges are simple tasks, like completing the 25 spins. Complete the task and you will receive free coins or free spins as a reward. One challenge are the opportunity to get free coins for absolutely free. Also, these aren’t limited to new users like the above two methods. So, to restate–just open the game once and you will have a fair chance of winning the free coins.

5. House of Fun Quest

Free Coins on House of Fun
House of Fun Free Coins

House of Fun Quest is like a daily challenge. As in daily challenges, you need to perform a certain task. Here, the process is the same. Complete the task and, in return, you will receive the rewards.

When you will log in for the first time in the day, then you will see the option of the quest and the daily challenges. Just tap on a quest and finish the task as soon as possible to get the house of fun free coins. So, don’t miss the chance to get the house of fun free coins.

6. Hourly Rewards

House of Fun game comes with amazing hourly rewards. You can collect the reward from the lobby. Every hour check for the reward, and there is a possibility to get the coins for absolutely free.

Checking every hour for the game and collecting rewards. Yes! sometimes this gets overwhelming, but it’s the easiest and most ethical way to get the rewards. To be clear, this is a super easy way to get free coins and free spins. Still, you can try this method.


As you have seen, there are innumerable ways to get free coins in the house of fun. You can use any of the methods and all of them are ethical. Try whichever you prefer!

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