How to Get Dj Alok Free in Free fire

Free Fire Character DJ Alok : Dj alok Free Fire Free Diamond, Dj Alok free fire

Learn about the popular DJ Alok character in Free Fire, its abilities, inspiration, and how to get it for free through Google Pay Rewards, Free Diamond DropBox, Giveaways, and more. Tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning

The reason behind its insane popularity is its features and character details. Our blog has all the required information you need to know. We tracked down the entire history and the methods to get free DJ Alok characters. You must be curious to know the reason why, among 34 characters, DJ Alok’s character gained popularity.

DJ Alok Free Fire Character Details

Among 34 characters in Free Fire, DJ Alok has immense popularity. The reason behind the popularity is the “ Drop the Beat” ability. Let’s just pause this feature for now. 

Alok Achkar Peres inspires DJ Alok Petrillo born on August 26, 1991. He is a popular band musician and singer in regions of Goiânia, Goiás, and Brazil.

The popularity of inspiration is one of the major reasons for the hype of the character. 

DJ Alok requires 599 diamonds. The character is quite expensive for any common player. Buying characters sets the bar high for other players.

Free Fire Character DJ Alok : Dj alok Free Fire Free Diamond, Dj Alok free fire

Its premium feature lets you explore more than other players. Also, looks and skins create a distinct impression 

DJ Alok is the coolest and most remarkable character in the history of Free Fire. That’s why spending this much amount for free doesn’t affect the users. The one who can’t afford to look for alternatives. 

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Dj Alok Free Fire vs Chrono Free Fire vs K Free Fire? 

All e characters have their capability and features.  Comparing them may offend some of you, we based any suggestion on the majority views and opinions. 

DJ Alok ranks in the first position because of its advanced abilities. 

Next comes the Chrono following K. 

The rank of their use and capabilities is the same as mentioned above.  Some even say K is useless, while the other two are useful. If you judge based on looks, these are good and attractive as well. 

DJ and K have their ability, but K lags because of the advanced feature of DJ which is Drop the Beat. Without a doubt, you can’t compare the ability to restore the HP and increase ally movement speed. 

1.  Google Pay Rewards – Google Pay Rewards isn’t the queer method to get DJ Alok Bundle for free. Pay Rewards is a simple method to earn google cash and Google Coins. 

To warn rewards, fill out the simple survey and in return, you will receive rewards in form of actual cash or Coins. The survey contains a simple question. These questions don’t require a lot of knowledge. You just need to answer based on your experience. 

Steps to getting Rewards Dj Alok in Free Fire

  • Open Google Rewards 
  • Fill out the survey and earn Rewards 
  • Now, open free fire and use google cash and coins to purchase any skin or bundle. 

Free Diamond DropBox – When you find a way to redeem free skins and characters, the best method is to use Free Diamond Free Box.

Dropbox, you can say dropbox is one of the additional features of Free Fire. DropBox contains several rewards like Skins, Bundles, Weapons, Tools, and other premium settings. 

Steps to get DropBox – Instructions are simple, you will receive rewards if you have good luck. Chances of winning DJ Alok Character are less but still, you can try. Free Fire loves to surprise its users, maybe you get a chance to win!! 

3. Give Away – Youtube Channels provide Free Fire Diamonds and even character / Skin. This method is useful and effective when you are active in youtube tournaments. Choose this method only if you can actively seek out channels and their promotion techniques. 

Winning a Youtube Contest is a matter of luck and how quick you are at seizing opportunities. The probability of winning a giveaway is less. If you participate in most of the contests then the chance of winning will gradually increase. Results depend on luck.  Still, you can try.  

Steps to Win Giveaway Dj Alok Free Fire- 

  • Find a new and Less competitive Youtube Channel. 
  • Track their events and social media handles. Know about giving away.  
  • Participate!! If you won, you will have a DJ Alok Character. 
  • Hacks / Apps / Websites / Redeem Codes – 

Hacks / Apps / Websites / Redeem Codes. All these methods are for proactive users who always seek out new methods. Most of them are fake but there are a few genuine websites and app that helps. 

Apps like Game Kharido and apps available under the name “ Free Fire Diamond Hack 99,999 “ help you to get several free stuff. 

Weekly / Daily Redeem Codes are available. You can use Redeem codes to get discounts and sometimes they even provide free skins too.  Redeem Codes are more real and effective than any other method.

Steps to Use Hacks / Apps / Websites / Redeem Codes

  • Be it, Hack, App, Website or Redeem Codes before continuing use, first log in or sign up.
  • Sign up/log in, then fill required details.
  • Follow the given instruction and you will have a free package on your doorstep.

Note: First try with a fake account. 


Buying or purchasing any bundle can be pricey for users. We came with enigma offers that allow you to earn a character for free. The four methods are reliable as well as true. Anyone can try to earn a free DJ Alok Character. try to tell us your response!