EA FC Mobile Skill Points: How To Use Different Skill Points and More

The brand new EA FC Mobile has replaced the Skill Boost feature with the Skill Points system. This change is part of EA Sports branding a new training system for the recently released game. Skills are an undeniably crucial part of the ranking system, as is tailoring players to their play style. 

Understanding these intricacies is important to training players that will take your football club to new heights in EA FC Mobile. In this comprehensive guide, we will help you understand what skill points are and how you can use them to boost your gameplay. 

Upgrading Players in EA FC Mobile

What EA FC Mobile is doing is essentially revamping their training system. With better training and advanced skills, your players will rise up the rankings and reach their maximum potential in no time. 

Upgrading your players is a vital part of the game. It can be done in various ways:

  1. Rank up – For every rank that a player has, his Overall Rating (OVR) increases by 1, he receives a skill point, and the max training level is increased by 5 levels.

  2. Training – Increase the attributes of your players for each level that you train them at. In order to train a player, you need to use other player items as XP. 

  3. Skills – Use skill points to customize and further enhance your Player by increasing specific attributes.

What are Skill Points?

Every time your player ranks up, they receive an incrementing OVR, a max training level, and a skill point. Skill points are resources that help you fine tune the skills of your players. Each player comes with a unique set of abilities that you can enhance by investing in skill points. 

Whenever you spend a skill point on any skill, its efficiency increases by one level. These skills are of two types:

  1. Normal Skills – These are universal skills that are present in almost every player in the game. These include fundamental skills like aiming accuracy, sprinting speed, stamina, etc. You can upgrade normal skills to up to three levels in the game. 

  2. Advanced Skills – These include skills that are specific to different positions on the field. Advanced skills can be upgraded to just one level but provide a more impactful boost in attributes compared to normal skills. 

Advanced skills can be unlocked after one is able to unlock all three levels of a normal skill. Based on your player’s OVR, the increase in skill attributes is as follows:

  • Up to 74 base OVR: +1 increase in select attributes for normal skills and +2 for advanced skills.

  • 74 to 84 base OVR: +3 increase in select attributes for normal skills and +6 for advanced skills.

  • 85+ base OVR: +5 increase in select attributes for normal skills and +10 for advanced skills.

How to Use Skill Points?

You can instantly access your skill points after ranking a player. You can do so by tapping on the Skill Points button. Alternatively, you can hoard your skill points for future use, taking some time to craft a strategic points distribution approach. 

Once you have decided to allocate skill points, follow the given steps to do so:

  1. Navigate to the details of the player, where the skills menu will appear. 

  2. Switch to the player item view by tapping the switch symbol on the top left corner. 

  3. The skill points amount will be visible.

  4. Tap on it for distribution. 

Leveling up the skills of your players not only makes them better players but also increases their Alternate Level. This, in turn, can reduce the OVR penalty that player incurs on the field when they acquire a position different from that indicated on the player item. 

There are two distinct alternate levels – Level 1 can be acquired when a normal skill reaches level 2. Subsequently, you can reach the second alternate level by unlocking an advanced skill. Having a higher alternate level guarantees a proportionally lower OVR penalty when your player obtains a non-standard position. 

So, get ready to assign those skill points to your players and increase their efficiency. Allocating points judiciously can be the difference between a mediocre manager and a legendary leader. Take your club to the next level by making wise decisions. And this guide will help you reach there smoothly.