Top 5 Guns for Season 9 (2023) of COD: Mobile with Loadouts

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 brings significant changes to the top guns, with impactful nerfs to metal weapons. This article delves into the updated list of the top 10 guns for Season 9, analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, and how they fit into the current meta.

5. Fennec and CX-9 – Dynamic Duo in Close-Quarters Combat

Entering the list as dynamic SMGs are the Fennec and CX-9. The Fennec, with its high skill ceiling, offers unmatched close-range performance, making it a staple in competitive play. The CX-9, a newcomer with improved iron sights, challenges the Fennec’s dominance and stands as a competitive alternative for those seeking a slightly more forgiving SMG experience.

4. AS VAL / Grau – Dominating the Mid-Range AR Scene

Making its debut in the top 10, the AS VAL and Grau, has become a dominant force in the competitive scene. Positioned as a hybrid assault rifle, it excels in mid-range engagements, competing with both SMGs and ARs. The recent buff to its Archangel barrel and improved iron sights contribute to its rise in popularity.

3. HVK-30 – Ultimate Hybrid AR

Despite a recent nerf to its large caliber ammo, the HVK-30 maintains its position as the ultimate hybrid AR in COD: Mobile. The nerf primarily impacts multiple gunfights, making it slightly less effective in those scenarios. However, its high damage to the upper body and head, along with excellent mobility, solidifies its place as the go-to AR, especially in Search and Destroy.

2. KN-44 – Rising as a Long-Range AR Option

Benefiting from the nerfs to other top guns, the KN-44 is gaining recognition as a solid long-range AR option. With similar damage profiles to the LK 24 and a cleaner iron sight, it offers a competitive alternative. Its potential to three-tap opponents with upper body shots and effective recoil management make it a noteworthy addition to the Season 9 meta.

1. Argus – Shotgun Specialization in Search and Destroy

Earning the top spot as the new contender is a shotgun with huge potential in the right hands. Although challenging to use and less forgiving than the SKS, the Argus excels in super-close range engagements. Particularly useful in Search and Destroy, it serves as a counter for snipers, boasting a faster rate of fire, better mobility, and a larger magazine size.

In conclusion, Season 9 introduces a reshaped meta with notable changes to the top guns in COD: Mobile. Players are encouraged to experiment with different weapons based on their playstyles, preferences, and the evolving dynamics of the game.