EVOS Esports Confirms Acquisition of Super Red for Its MLBB Team

EVOS Esports officially confirmed the acquisition of Blacklist International’s Jon “Super Red” Bordeos for its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) team. Various rumors and speculations had been circulating regarding the promising youngblood’s next team until EVOS Esports officially welcomed its new recruits, including the Gold Laner, Super Red. However, it is yet to be confirmed if the young prodigy will be part of EVOS Legends for the upcoming Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 13 or if he shall be playing under the development team. 

EVOS Esports welcomes Super Red

Through an Instagram post on 26th January 2024, EVOS Esports unveiled its latest recruits for the upcoming MLBB esports journey.

“Welcome to the MLBB EVOS division! They are new players who will color the days of EVOS in the future,” the post captioned.

The esports organization is yet to unveil which MLBB divisions the new faces will be joining. However, the esports organization remains hopeful that the recruits shall emerge as pivotal figures, guiding their respective squads to unprecedented success.

“Hopefully with them, the MLBB EVOS division can become stronger and can bring EVOS to become champions, fams! Can anyone guess which team the new family in #EVOSKita will join?” EVOS Esports wrote.

One of the most notable new members is the acquisition of Super Red. The player last played as a loaned player under Red Giants Esports. It looks like his next journey shall be under the renowned White Tigers.

Other new members are KiseSsy, Kaizar, JerL, Bryan, Maykids, Van, and Warlord.

It will be interesting to see if Super Red is able to seamlessly integrate into the dynamic playstyle of his new team, elevating his performance to new heights and leaving an indelible mark on the MLBB esports scene.