EXCLUSIVE – PS5 Pro Enhanced Requirements Detailed

EXCLUSIVE - PS5 Pro Enhanced Requirements Detailed

With the soon-to-be-announced PS5 Pro expected to hit shelves later this year, Flizzyy has learned of the developer requirements that need to be met to have the ‘PS5 Pro Enhanced’ label. Internally, this is currently called the ‘Trinity Enhanced’ label, but for the sake of SEO, we’ll be referring to it as ‘PS5 Pro Enhanced’ moving forward.

The ‘Enhanced’ label first made its introduction into the PlayStation ecosystem following the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro, which meant that the game utilized the Pro console’s improved hardware to offer improved frame rates and resolutions. For the PS5 Pro PlayStation wants games to offer a PS5 Pro-exclusive graphics mode that will combine:

  • PSSR to upscale resolution to 4K
  • A constant 60FPS
  • Add or increase ray tracing effects

According to documents sent to Flizzyy, this is possible because of faster RAM (28% faster) and a faster GPU that is 67% larger than the standard console (45% faster) – You can read more PS5 Pro specs here. Playstation says these combined make the Pro 45% faster than the standard PlayStation 5 and can provide twice the rendering speed of the standard console.

PlayStation goes on to continue that games may also be given the ‘PS5 Pro Enhanced’ label if they offer any of the following enhancements:

  • Increased target resolution for titles that run a fixed resolution on the standard console
  • Increased target maximum resolution for titles that run at variable resolution on the standard console
  • Increased target frame rate for titles that target a fixed frame rate on the standard console
  • Inclusion of PS5 Pro Raytracing effects

For high-demanding games like GTA 6, tech expert and Digital Foundry founder Richard Leadbetter has said that people shouldn’t expect GTA 6 to run at 60FPS on the PS5 Pro. Leadbetter’s analysis is primarily based on the Pro’s CPU, which will be identical to the standard system with a 10% increase in GHz.

What do you think of the Playstation 5 Pro’s ‘Enhanced Mode’ requirements? Let us know in the comments below.

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