Fallout Deadweight Gives The TV Show a Run for its Bottlecaps

Fallout Deadweight Gives The TV Show a Run for its Bottlecaps

Fallout Deadweight is a fan film set in the world of Fallout 4, and it features a recreation of the game’s most iconic character – the lead, Nate. It’s a 12-minute-long video directed by Nigel J. Kim, and everything from the actors to the set pieces could genuinely give the Fallout TV show a run for its money. The opening sequence sees Nate light up a Molerat with a laser pistol and then set Dogmeat on it, and from there on it’s a pure, unadulterated celebration of all things Fallout.

Intensely Authentic

It might only be twelve minutes long, but Fallout Deadweight offers unparalleled levels of Fallout-themed action. There are Raiders using chems, a brutal VATS scene, Vault Boy iconography galore, and some of the best replica weapons and items I’ve seen in a live-action adaptation. There’s even a classic Wilhelm scream mixed in for good measure.

It’s a fantastic short film that serves to ‘finish off’ Fallout 4’s story, bringing it full circle and taking Nate back to Vault 111. With solid voice acting and an authentic soundtrack, it’s impossible to mistake Fallout Deadweight for anything other than an honest Fallout-themed passion project. There’s a special commendation to be handed to JP Valenti, who plays Nate.

Fallout Deadweight is a fantastic production that can rival the Fallout TV show – but that’s mainly because we haven’t seen the show yet, which drops exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on April 11.

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