Florida Joker Now Just Wants To Be In GTA 6 – Flizzyy

After over a month of demands for money and threats of a lawsuit, the Florida Joker is willing to drop everything if Rockstar Games will put him in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6.

In a new video posted on TikTok, Lawrence Sullivan aka the Florida Joker, said that he doesn’t want to sue Rockstar Games and Take-Two for what he says is the company using his likeness in GTA.

“We gotta talk,” he said. “I’m really not trying to sue y’all, so I’m gonna give y’all an extra month. Hit me up. Let me voice the character.”

He continued to say he wants more storyline in the game for the character as well as a royalty deal. He also added a claim that he’s done a lot for the game already because “everybody loves” him.

So far, neither Rockstar Games nor Take-Two have responded to any of Sullivan’s threats to sue or demands for money for the Florida Joker likeness in GTA 6. It’s unlikely that they will, either.

What do you think about the seemingly one-sided ongoing “saga” that is the Florida Joker and his GTA 6 demands? For more Flizzyy, read Until Dawn Possibly Getting Remaster For PC, PlayStation 5.