Free Fire MAX: Get Free Freedom Sprintstar Bundle with these Steps

Free Fire MAX gears up for December 2023 with a tempting offer – the chance to snag the coveted Freedom Sprintstar Bundle without spending a dime. Among the array of collectibles, bundles hold a special allure for the Indian Server’s Free Fire MAX community. Usually, these bundles demand a hefty diamond investment, but a new event, “Booyah with Friends,” flips the script, granting players the chance to grab this exclusive bundle by completing simple tasks. Hurry, though; this event’s clock is ticking, and missing out means passing up on a free banner, avatar, and costume bundle.

How to Get the Freedom Sprintstar Bundle in Free Fire

The Freedom Sprintstar Bundle, a fresh female outfit designed for in-game use can be obtained through the “Booyah with Friends” event that runs until December 14, 2023, within Free Fire MAX.

Bagging this bundle requires players to notch up a specific number of wins while teaming up with their squad of pals. There’s also a checklist to tick to unlock this bundle without spending a single coin.

What you need to do to get the Freedom Sprintstar Bundle:

  • Nab Booyah 15 times Solo or Booyah 10 times with friends (BR, CS, or LW) for the Digital Play Banner.

  • Secure Booyah 20 times Solo or Booyah 15 times with friends (BR, CS, or LW) to claim the Digital Play Avatar.

  • Ace Booyah 20 times with friends (BR, CS, or LW) to snag the coveted Freedom Sprintstar Bundle or choose 10 Luck Royale Vouchers as an alternative.

  • Upon task completion, navigate to the Booyah with Friends section inside the events section in Free Fire.

  • You can then hit the claim button next to the rewards to pocket your desired item.

If the Freedom Sprintstar Bundle doesn’t tickle your fancy, consider the 10 X Luck Royale vouchers as a worthy alternative.

The requirements pack a challenge, demanding victories, but teaming up with friends makes it more achievable. Join forces with familiar faces for better coordination, or opt for the Clash Squad mode where scoring a Booyah is somewhat more within reach.