Get Free Raindrops Parachute in Free Fire with These Simple Steps

Free Fire consistently delivers sought-after cosmetics through its events, offering players the chance to score complimentary items. However, to claim these goodies, players must complete designated tasks. Enter “Play Clash: The Epic Battle,” the latest event in the battle royale title, showering participants with Weapon Loot Crates, an exclusive parachute skin, and more as rewards.

The event’s essence lies in its name: to qualify for the rewards, players need to engage in the newly introduced game mode. Let’s delve into the specific rewards and the corresponding tasks.

How to get the Raindrops Parachute in Free Fire

“Play Clash Squad: The Epic Battle,” one of Free Fire’s recent events launched on December 1, 2023, mandates playing a specific number of matches to unlock rewards.


  • Play 15 games of Clash Squad: The Epic Battle – Reward: 1000x Gold.

  • Engage in 25 games of Clash Squad: The Epic Battle – Reward: 2x SCAR Phantom Assassin Weapon Loot Crate.

  • Participate in 35 games of Clash Squad: The Epic Battle – Reward: Raindrops Parachute or 4x Gold Royale Voucher (Expires on January 31, 2023).

Post completing 35 games in the new mode, follow these steps within Free Fire to claim the rewards:

  1. Access the event section via the menu.

  2. Select “Play CS: The Epic Battle” under the activities tab.

  3. Tap the claim button adjacent to the parachute skin or opt for 4x Gold Royale Vouchers.

Insights into Free Fire’s Clash Squad: The Epic Battle Mode

The OB42 update introduced the Free Fire Clash Squad: The Epic Battle mode, officially launched on December 1, 2023, during the ranked season. This mode offers an innovative format within your favorite gameplay, supplemented by additional perks.

Upon entering a match, participants can select a Battle Style, each equipped with distinctive perks:

  • Megabolt

    • Varied perks based on the level attained, enhancing EP conversion, offering Active Skill Cards, and improving reload speed.

  • Demolitionist

    • Skill progression yields perks like Gloo Wall Detonation, Skyler Active Skill Card, Flash Freeze, and enhanced damage to Gloo Walls.

  • Warding Lord

    • Progressing in this style grants health points, Chrono Active Skill Card, shield acquisition every 60 seconds, and a level 4 vest.

To progress, players can eliminate opponents or assist their team. Achieving the highest level rewards the starting perk in each subsequent round.

With “Play Clash: The Epic Battle” in Free Fire, players dive into an engaging game mode while aiming for the Raindrops Parachute or other exciting rewards, mastering unique Battle Styles and tactics along the way.