Free Fire OB43 Advance Server APK Download Link and Activation Guide

Garena is out with the latest Free Fire OB43 Advance Server, giving you an exclusive chance to preview and experiment with its brand new features before they roll out to everyone. What’s in store? Impactful changes across battle royale maps, characters, progression systems, and more based on leaks from the Advance server.

To get your hands on this advance server, all you need is the provided APK file from the game developers. Remember, an Activation Code is mandatory to access the server.

Free Fire OB43 Advance Server APK Availability

The APK for Free Fire OB43 Advance Server dropped today, January 5, 2024. Android users are in luck, as this release is exclusively for them. If you’re using an iOS device, sit tight; your turn will come once the update rolls out.

Want the APK? Here’s the download link to the official website: Free Fire OB43 Advance Server Link .

All About the Free Fire OB43 Advance Server

The notable updates from the OB43 Advance Server include adjustments to the battle royale map’s safe zones, reducing second zone timer and altering shrink times. Vending machines will undergo changes in the economy, with increased upgrade chip costs and the addition of new redeemable content. New weapon, the M4A1 rifle, will be introduced through the Evoground Woodpecker mode, accompanied by buffs to the Woodpecker’s damage and range.