Free Fire Ramadan Royale Event Leaked; Check Rewards, Cost and More

Free Fire Ramadan Royale Event Leaked; Check Rewards, Cost and More

A prominent Free Fire data leaker, @pureleaks_ofc, has unveiled details about an exciting new event called the Ramadan Royale on their social media channels. According to the leak, this themed event is scheduled to launch on April 6, 2024, and will be available to players on the India and Bangladesh servers of the popular battle royale game.

Free Fire Ramadan Royale Exclusive Rewards and Cosmetics

The Ramadan Royale promises to deliver a range of visually striking rewards, including a coveted Huge Feast emote, a Camel Bundle, the Katana – Glistening Daystar melee weapon skin, and the Stardust Checker mask. However, these are not the only items players can look forward to obtaining during the event. The leak suggests that players will also have the opportunity to acquire various other skins, costume components, and other cosmetic rewards by spending diamonds within the event.

Diamond Cost for Spins

Based on the leaked information, each spin in the Ramadan Royale event will require 20 diamonds, while a set of 10+1 spins will cost 200 diamonds. Considering the visually appealing nature of the themed items, many players may find the diamond investment worthwhile to enhance their in-game experience.

It’s important to note that while @pureleaks_ofc has a reliable track record for accurate leaks, the specifics of the Ramadan Royale event have not been officially confirmed by Garena, the developers of Free Fire. Therefore, players should treat this information with a degree of caution, as the developers may introduce tweaks or modifications before the event’s official launch.

In related news, Free Fire recently introduced the Wall Royale event on March 30, 2024, which allows players to acquire exclusive Gloo Wall skins to customize the appearance of this utility item. The Wall Royale event will run until April 12, 2024, and players can participate by spending diamonds on spins, with each spin costing 9 diamonds and a set of 10+1 spins priced at 90 diamonds.

As players eagerly await the arrival of the Ramadan Royale event, they can continue to explore the latest updates and events in Free Fire, ensuring an ever-evolving and engaging gaming experience.

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