BGMI Arabian Nights Crate: M16A4 Skin, Mythic Outfits and More

BGMI Arabian Nights Crate: M16A4 Skin, Mythic Outfits and More

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has revealed yet another crate through its new which offers its players some fantastic rewards like weapons skins, Mythic outfits and more. The Arabian Nights Crate in BGMI was introduced on 26th March with multiple character outfits and weapon skins. In this article we will take a look at some of the exclusive rewards the crate has to offer and how players can get these rewards.

BGMI Arabian Nights Crate rewards detailed 

The Arabian Nights Crate in BGMI is one of the few crates which will provide players with a number of different male and female Mythic outfits. Players will have to play the event draw to receive the character outfits or multiple weapon skins available in the event. If players are unable to get the M16A4 skin through the event draw, they are guaranteed to get the skin once 250 draws are complete. The event went live on 26th March and will end after a 25 day period.

  • Seraphic Beacon M16A4 skin (level 1).

  • Seraphic Genie Cover.

  • Seraphic Genie Set.

  • Seraphic Genie Mask.

  • Seraphic Princess Cover.

  • Seraphic Princess Set.

  • Seraphic Princess Hairstyle.

  • Mystic Legends Headgear.

  • Mystic Legends Set.

  • Desert Accent Kar98K skin.

  • Desert Rose Set.

  • Silver Fragments.

The Seraphic Beacon M16A4 skin can be upgraded with Materials to get an elimination broadcast effect, loot box skin and hit effect.

  • Open the app, then select crates from the menu in the upper right corner of the launch screen.

  • Locate and tap on the Arabian Nights Crate.

  • Players will see two different drawing options. When you select the open once option, it will cost 30 UC. Draws can also be done 10 times at once and will cost 360 UC.

The Arabian Nights Crate in BGMI is a great opportunity for players to get multiple Mythic character outfits and weapon skins. The event has two Mythic Sets and two Legendary Sets with many other Epic Items and with so many rewards being available, players can expect to get some or the other reward while drawing rewards from the crate.

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